Midseason(ish) Review

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The NHL Rangers have been red hot, with the highest win% in the NHL as of the moment this comment is being typed. There are some questions about whether or not they are for real, though. In the Gens '12 league, there is no question as to the Rangers in both leagues being powerhouses. Both players (KingRaph in B, Wookie in C) are coming off Classic championship appearances. And right now, both are setting themselves up to make deep runs once again, despite the fact that both were promoted.

Wookie has set the standard in B, completing his season with a record of 19-8-1, good for 39 points. Danlizhot (Edmonton) has also completed his season at 12-12-4, good for 28 points and a .500 season. Players who may be in the hunt for that #1 seed are gretzkyonacold with Anaheim, who can overthrow Wookie by going 3-1 in his last 4 games. Sicarius and I (Blues and Jets) are in a tight division race for the Central, especially after we split our 4 game series yesterday. Both of us are in the running for that #1 seed as well. Orangeblack (Flyers) and eggink (Devils) are too early in their seasons to call, but it definitely seems safe to assume both of them will wind up in that race in the end as well. We've got 4 new guys in here as well, in DynamiteSJ (Sharks), nantucketred (Canucks), minpind (Bruins), and Jaylighter (Blackhawks). All have held their own to this point and have playoff hopes.

Playoff Picture as of this moment

1. Rangers (Wookie) vs 8. Canucks (nantucketred)

2. Ducks (Gretz) vs 7. Devils (eggink)

3. Blues (Sicarius) vs 6. Flyers (orangeblack)

4. Oilers (Danlizhot) vs 5. Jets (probob38)

Onto A...

Leading the league in points is..... the Rangers. Kingraph currently has his team's record at 10-6-1, good for 21 points. Granted, Zalex's Canadiens (10-2-0 20) and Icestorm's Leafs (9-1-0 18), and Bo's Kings (defending league runner-up, 7-2-0, 14) have higher win%'s, but nothing can be assumed I suppose. Carse, the defending league champion, currently has a 1-1-0 record, I'm gonna make a bold prediction and say that if he plays out his games, he'll have a record better than .500. A ton of games still have yet to be played, so these aren't much of an indicator, but here you go...

Playoff Picture as of this moment

1. Rangers (Raph) vs. 8. Sabres (pearate)

2. Canadiens (Zalex) vs. 7. Capitals (SOH)

3. Maple Leafs (IceStrom) vs 6. Canucks (kupuck)

4. Lightning (Houly) vs 5. Kings (Bo)

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Are the Rangers a particularly heavy team? They seem to be a defensive powerhouse in this rom, coupled with a great offence.

I've noticed Winnipeg & NJ also seem extremely tough when not in possession too, but perhaps without the offence to match NYR.

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Rangers are a good team this year, no doubt. Top end talent, depth, goaltending. Not sure about the weight factor. Del Zotto is the only real light defenseman, and Boyle is their only real heavy forward. Callahan, Gaborik, Richards, Dubinsky, Anisimov, Wolski are all skilled guys who can check effectively in NHL '94 2012 edition.

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I just used the Rangers in an exhib. Only won 2-1, but holy crap I almost have to try to give up a goal...

lol. I think I hit 3 onetimers that ud usually think "That's a goal", and how he got back up to save when I faked him on that slapshot...............ridiculous

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...and Stepan is only 21 years old. Way underrated. Gaborik's coming off a bad year, he's underrated too. Rangers are LEGIT.

By the way, nice writeup ProBob!

Looks like Sicarius can tie me in points if he wins his last 3 games, although I'd probably win a GD tie-breaker.

DynamiteSJ is a wildcard in the playoff picture. Pretty decent showing for a rookie, but he's way behind in games. Where are you, DynamiteSJ??

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