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SDL season 1 START


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After some test on the website (i want to tell a big thank you to c4outlaws to help me with the stat system) we can start the season right now.

The rules is :

Penalty on, offside off

line change off

5 mins period

manual goalie

Win : 2 pts

Lost : 0 pts

Tie : 1 pts

no otl pts. For the desync, try to get the savestate and try to reload game. If that's doesn't work, try to write the score and player stat and when you start the game try to score with the same player. If you load a wrong game and/or a game 2 times, just let me know the game # and ill delete game.

official rom

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After two week, we can see who's maybe win the thophies.

Aspiring to the President Trophy : Quebec Nordiques

Aspiring to the Williams Jennings Trophy : Ron Hextall, Quebec

Aspiring to the Maurice Richard Trophy : Teemu Selanne, Quebec

Aspiring to the James Norris Trophy : Kevin Hatcher, Chicago

Aspiring to the Art Ross Trophy : Eric Lindros, Philadelphia

for other trophies

conn smythe and stanley cup is for playoff can't be see right now.

Jack Adams is the best coach and will be vote by the coach at the end of the season.

The Hart is the most valuable player vote by the coach at the end of the season.

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