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Deadline/ Other Info for Remainder of Season

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After getting some feedback of an alternative idea, the consensus of most that I've talked to is to just stick with what we've already done and leave the format as is. So here are the final 2 deadlines:

January 9th: 22 games. Failure to reach may result in replacement. If there is a special circumstance that you cannot reach this deadline, let me know in advance.

January 16th: 28 games (completion of regular season). Failure to reach will not result in replacement, but it will result in DNP's, which in the gens '11 league was a 1 point subtraction for each unplayed game, so we'll stick with that. This obviously can and will change positioning in the standings.

Again, playoff format: 3 division winners ranked 1-3 based on point total. Seeds 4-8 are only determined by point total. In the event of a tie in the standings:

1. Games played. The higher seed goes to the player who played more games. If that doesn't break the tie:

2. Win total. The higher seed goes to the player with more wins. If that doesn't break the tie:

3. Head-to-head record. Player who achieved more points in head-to-head meetings gets the tiebreaker. If it's somehow still tied after that:

4. Goal differential. And if we're still miraculously tied after that:

5. 1 game playoff. Play one head-to-head game against the person you're tied with, winner gets higher seed.

Remember, there are no shootouts in playoffs. Just open a new game after OT concludes and play until a goal is scored.

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