Gens '12 Playoff Matchups

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Alright, as I mentioned, due to the amount of late replacements, DNP's were not charged. However, games played was the 1st tiebreaker, so if there was a tie in points, the 1st tiebreaker was "who played more games?"

Anyway, here are the playoff matchups in A:

1. Icestorm (Toronto) vs 8. Beavers (Islanders)

2. Capitals (SOH) vs 7. Blackhawks (dcicon)

3. Penguins (Wookiee) vs 6. Canucks (kupuck)

4. Rangers (KingRaph) vs 5. Sabres (pearate)

In B:

1. Ducks (gretzkyonacold) vs 8. Blackhawks (jaylighter)

2. Rangers (Wookiee) vs 7. Jets (probob)

3. Blues (sicarius) vs 6. Oilers (danlizhot)

4. Devils (eggink) vs 5. Red Wings (mav)

No set deadline for this to be completed, but please get them played ASAP. If one matchup is holding it up, there will need to be forfeits. Use the "Schedule a game" forum we have to show evidence that you're attempting to get your series played. Thanks, and good luck all.

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belive or dont just finished playing eggink 4-0 series sweep for me

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Wow. Didn't see a sweep coming in that one! Congrats on a top season tho Eggink. It's me & you in the semis Mav! Looks like you've got your groove back! lol

I can be on tomorrow (Thursday) morning or after that probably Friday night, saturday afternoon or all day sunday

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