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TOOL: HivePal palette editor

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If you're still looking for a way to change your palettes you could always use HivePal. Its a small utility that allows you to explore the entire contents of a rom for palettes.

What you want to do is use tile molester to look at the graphics you plan to change and look at the offset to see roughly where in the rom the image is located.

Then open HivePal and try loading the palette of that offset. It's rarely correct, but its always close, you can then click brows rom and it will stay in that area. Look for long connected blocks of colour, those will be your palettes. Click on the first color of the palette and find out its offset. Enter that in the main window and it will load your palette for editing.

If your unsure if you have found the correct palette, you can load the same palette into tile molester from a save state. Select the palette for the image your looking for, and compare it to the palette in HivePal. If they match, you probably have the right one. After that you should be fine!

You can get HivePal here:

Also see this thread for more tips:

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