Survivor - Week 4 Update

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We are past the halfway point of the season at 18.8 games! (assuming everyone plays their 36 games).

Here's a mid-season review. Let's start with the East Division (by win%)

Freydey (16-2): Frey's record is not a surprise as he is recognized as a top '94 player, but a 32-4 projected finish is still remarkable as there are some very good players in the division. He'll look to continue his second half just as strong to get that valuable bye week in the playoffs.

KingRaph (21-5): It's me! I'm trying my best to land that top spot, but it will be difficult. I think the only way I can finish first is to sweep Frey in our series or go 3-1. I believe my Blitz/Classic record against him so far is 1-7, so this is unlikely, to say the least.

RedWingDevil (6-4): Our mysterious friend from south of the border can be a fierce competitor, but he's currently last in the division in GP at 10. Up from last week, but it'd be great if RWD can make some more appearances, get two series in and get up to the league average.

Wookie (16-11): Burst on to the scene in the Fall'11 classic, and won the C title. Went to Philly and took home a live tournament championship. Currently in the '12 B finals vs Mav and the 2on2 Winter Classic semi-finals with yours truly. The man knows how to win! Watch out for wookie in the playoffs, he will be tough!

Dan_lizhot (6-5): Iron man Dan! Most surprising here is that Dan has only played 11 games! He is known to step in and finish up seasons in A/B/C/GENS/SNES, set up a website for the GENS '12 league, and created a SNES Draft League! Crazy busy man. I have NO concern that Dan will finish up his season and make the playoffs. His game continues to get stronger, but focus may be his setback.

PRoBob38 (15-15): Right at .500, with a whole series vs Smozoma and 2 games vs RWD left to play. Both of those opponents are seasoned vets, with A league experience. Despite that, PRoBob's game has gotten stronger and stronger, perhaps most improved from 1 year ago (imo), and I would imagine that he can remain at .500 or better to finish up the season.

Smozoma (12-12): Our other bud at .500, smozoma is the current Classic B champion! However, according to the standings, he has played a tougher schedule so far, and I'd project that he finishes above .500 to finish the season. It looks like the .500 mark will be what it takes to make the playoffs in the East. If you meet smozoma in the playoffs, watch out, he has the ability to beat anyone out there.

Dcicon (9-11): Former Blitz B champ and experienced A leaguer, Dcicon is a savvy player. He will have to fight out the next few games to try and secure a playoff spot, but if you've read everything up to this point, you know that the competition is pretty solid. I'm not putting anything past DC, and a quick glance at his remaining teams shows CHI (2), DET (2), BUF (2), DAL (2), VAN (2), so he has some strong teams left to use.

LA Robbie (7-17): Another bud from Mexico! Robbie will have to put together a very impressive finish to land a playoff spot. Not impossible as he still has 14 games left to play, much of it against the guys around him in the current standings such as RWD, Dan, & DC. It will be exciting to see him fight for the last playoff spot.

Josh (1-27): I always respected guys who played out their season, and as this is my first shot at running a league, I respect him even more! Even better is Josh's great attitude -- he's having fun playing, and that's what it's all about. Sadly, he has Freydey and smozoma left to play, and it will be extremely difficult to get win #2 against these guys. ;) . I look forward to seeing Josh compete in this upcoming Spring '12 classic!


IceStorm (11-3): Seasoned A player, IceStorm currently has the best win% in the tough West Division. He still has to fend off BoKnows, Vocally Caged and Carse, all A league players. Holding on to the top spot for that coveted bye week in the playoffs will be no easy task, but no doubt that IceStorm has the skill to pull it off.

Houli (18-10): The reigning Blitz B champion (with a record setting season) has amassed a very impressive record against so far. Houli has the brothers BoKnows and Carse left to play and while the top spot is unlikely, I have no doubt Houli will be in the playoffs and he'll be a formidable opponent against anybody.

BoKnowsNHL94 (5-3): Bo can play, but Bo just hasn't played enough! 8 games in 4+ weeks is paltry...I hope to see more games played in the second half, and we'll see if Bo can keep up that current pace. He should be in the playoffs and again be a force to be reckoned with. Let's pick up the pace a bit!

Vocally Caged (7-6): Yet another proven A player! I just realized that all the members of the Blitz "

" series are in this division (Bo/VC/Carse). We can only hope for an encore, as I believe all three can make the playoffs (as long as they get their GAs in).

KuPuck19 (17-15): The ultimate competitor, KuPuck leads the league in GPs, with one series left against Carse. With points being the way to make the playoffs, I know Kupuck will have used all 36 games to get max points! He'll have to go 1-3 vs Carse to finish at .500, which should be enough to get in the dance.

Eggink444 (5-7): The streakiest player, Eggink can put together a 9-1 streak, followed by a 1-9 streak! With a new baby in the eggink house, expect to find a groggy, disoriented player, probably looking for games at 4 a.m. :lol: . Congratulations on the baby!

Pearate (5-10): Pearate has come in as a replacement and knocked out a bunch of games! I'm sure Pearate wanted a better result, and he's more than capable of playing better than this record. He'll have to, with the strength of the competition here.

JayLighter420 (9-19): Jay came on to the scene in the last classic and he continues to gets better and better daily, and he's always around for games. He plays everybody and all, and that experience is what helps him improve. While he won't have enough to knock out the top guys in this division, I'm excited to see him compete in the Spring'12 classic.

MinPind (2-6): JayLighter v2.0 (see analysis above). :D

Carse (0-0): Carse is "living on the road" and unable to play? See his signature for credentials.

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I am sorry for being so worthless lately I literally haven't been home since Jan 31 (my controller is at home). If I need to I can start churning out some keyboard games to get going if I can find a good internet connection

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Up to you. Not sure how good you are at keyboard, but you've earned the right to wait for your controller. Having said that, I wouldn't want this to drag out tooooo long, so it depends on you.

My suggestion to the Carse now when he's on keyboard and lagged. :)

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he'd have a better record than me if he played some games i bet.

Haha, I'm actually basing this on the many 2vs2's we've played with each other (and kupuck). I don't think I ever played minpind in classic, lol. Nonetheless, you're right, get your games in minpind!

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thanks for the review. although my record sucks and i would like to win either way i am having fun. the people on here are great too. i will be looking forward to playing in the next league and hopefully soon seeing as i won't be making the playoffs :lol:

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