HOW TO: Change Team Selection Order


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You need a hex editor (download HxD). NOSE can be helpful but is not required.

Notation guide: "@" indicates an offset to go to in the hex editor. It is in hexadecimal.


If you use NOSE, you can see the "Offset Hex" of each team:

post-253-025610200 1330659092_thumb.png
(click to enlarge)

These values tells you where in the ROM the data for each team is located. Now, the nice thing is, you don't need to re-order all the team data to change the team order. There is a list of these offset values in the ROM, and you just need to re-order the list. A list of offsets is often called a "pointer table," so you need to re-order the team pointer table (a table of offsets that points you to the location of the data for each team).

The Hack

The location of the team pointer table is:

NHLPA 93: @0314 (same for original or 30-team ROM)
NHL 94: @030E (thanks SabreFan1)
NHL 95: @0772 (thanks KingRaph)
NHL 96, 97, 98: someone please post the addresses below if you know them (can be found by searching for the first offset value seen in NOSE)

For example, if you go to offset @0314 in NHLP93, the first few values you see are

000008B8 (Boston)
00000B70 (Buffalo)
00000E32 (Calgary)
000010D8 (Chicago)
00001398 (Detroit)

In NOSE (and the screenshot above), you can see which team goes with which value.

So, just re-order the values to re-order the teams.




Make sure you keep the pointer table values properly aligned, and don't change the number of pointers.


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It turned out that my NHLPA 93 ROM was in "SMD" format, not raw "BIN" format, which made it impossible to find the pointer/offset values.

Use this utility to switch it: ROM Converter

Use SMD -> BIN mode.

My ROM was actually named "NHLPA NHL '93.bin", (not "NHLPA NHL '93.smd"), so I had to change the input type when trying to open the file.

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Sweet, this is the information I was looking for this weekend. My only remaining question, then, is how does the ROM or NOSE know whether it's a 28-team or a 30-team ROM?

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