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SDL 2 Draft team


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Ok now, you can trade your team (just the name not the player) with another coach or you can drop your team and pick another one.

Available Team

- Anaheim Ducks

- Calgary Flames

- Chicago Blackhawks

- Dallas Stars

- Detroit Red Wings

- Hartford Whalers

- New Jersey Devis

- New York Islanders

- New York Rangers

- Ottawa Senators

- Philadelphia Flyers

- St-Louis Blues

- Tampa Bay Lightning

- Washington Capitals

Team from the SDL 1

- boston bruins/hokkeefan

- Buffalo sabres/BoKnowsNHL94

- Chicago Blackhawks/BobKudelski

- Detroit RedWings/matticefire

- Edmonton Oilers/danlizhot

- LA Kings/fenty

- Montreal Canadiens/pondhcky

- Philadelphia Flyers/houly

- Pittsburgh Penguins/xot82

- Quebec Nordiques/c4outlaws

- San Jose Sharks/stheds2000

- Toronto Maple Leafs/cjgarnet

- Vancouver Canucks/fank009

- Winnipeg Jets/TonyTwist

SDL 2 Team

- Edmonton Oilers/danlizhot

- Ottawa Senators/BobKudelski

- Montreal Canadiens/houly

- Quebec Nordiques/c4outlaws

- Calgary Flames/matticefire

- St-Louis Blues/fank009

- Boston Bruins/pondhcky

- Vancouver Canucks/hokkeefan2

- Buffalo sabres/BoKnowsNHL94

- Pittsbugh Penguins/xot82

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The Sharks aren't available?

I'll be having the Anaheim Mighty Ducks

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Guest Houli

Whats this??? we can change teams....


well... since xot is such a horse...

Ill take St. Louis this season...


pond can be boston

hokkee can be vancouver

houli can be montreal

fank st.louis

everybody is happy :D

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