Introducing The "No Hassle" Rom for GENS!

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Tired of changing your lineup at the beginning of every game?

Tired of trying to figure out who to play after an injury and a penalty or two?

Tired of realizing you had the wrong player on the ice, after you were just scored on?

Then you might be interested in the NO HASSLE ROM!

The idea is pretty simple, just turn it on, pick your teams, and play!

Features include:

- Quick Start - default settings at home screen set to classic rules (head-to-head, 5 min periods, penalties on except offsides)

- AJ's Lines set as Default- all default starting lineups set to AJ's top lines (Building Lines with AJ) QUE and WSH I picked myself with some help from Bo and SOH.

- Smart Auto Substitutions - in the event of penalties and/or injuries, the next best player will automatically enter the lineup.

- Trim the Fat - most players not included in AJ's building lines are deleted from the game entirely, so it's easier to identify which players are actually useable. I did leave in some players not included in AJ's lines, because some players might be good for certain situational lineups or matching up against particular competition.

- Talent Above Position - all players in the edit lines screen are now ordered from best to worst, as opposed to the original ROM, which is ordered by position. Of course, this is subjective. Mostly I used the order from AJ's forum posts. Just something to make life a little easier when doing manual substitutions.

There's so many teams, so many players, and so many potential lineups that NHL '94 can be a little overwhelming. This ROM should make things easier and MORE FUN for everybody!

Hopefully, this will be useful for new guys who don't know each team inside-and-out as well as experienced players who are tired of the hassle before and during each game which takes time and can get kind of annoying.

Things to keep in mind:

- Leave "Line Changes" off!

- You're still welcome to edit your lines manually. To some, changing lines and inserting obscure players is part of the fun and strategy of the game. I'm not trying to ruin that. This ROM just makes things a little easier than the classic nhl94.bin.

- There are no other mods in this ROM. All graphics, player attributes, gameplay, etc should be the exact same as the classic nhl94.bin.

This is just the first draft... please post your feedback, and I can adjust the ROM accordingly.


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very interesting concept. no weight fail fix, though?

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Great idea -- especially when you play 100's of games a year. :lol:

very interesting concept. no weight fail fix, though?

Weight bug makes a big difference, so the lineups would have to be completely changed.

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Great idea -- especially when you play 100's of games a year. :lol:

Thanks Bud. Your "Survivor League" actually helped inspire it, as I was a little frustrated trying to figure out what my best lineup would be for all the teams I was least familiar with -- and a little impatient with opponents who would take awhile trying to figure out their lineups, too. The "Building Lines with AJ" forum posts are so great, it makes sense for them to be incorporated directly into the game. B)

I appreciate the positive feedback so far, but I see there's only been 2 downloads.


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Hey, we are gonna use nohassle on our Euro Classic '94 league. Not sure if this rom has been used in online leagues before? Anyway, I find it very useful for many reasons, thank you!


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