Season 1 Rosters and Salary Info

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Okay, I made a spreadsheet with the salary info for each team. If you want something changed let me or Voc know, or even better just ask me and I'll give your google account permission to edit it!


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Sorry for the double post - but just FYI if you do edit it then just put in your new player and their years (if you feel like it, I didn't feel like going through each player and Voc didn't have it posted so whatever) and then type in their salary. I have a formula in so it will calculate your total cap and remaining space automatically. Don't mess with the TOTAL or REMAIN! Thanks :)

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I can't seem to edit (just said read only) -- please put in $5.0 for MacInnis for me.

Got it. But if you want access, just give me your google account e-mail and i'll put you in as a reviewer. I would open it up to everybody, but Voc agrees that it could get messy if somebody gets drunk one night and deletes everything by mistake, or messes with salaries of players or something. If you're signed in then I can see who edited what.

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Hokkeefan-Vancouver Canucks

Gartner 10 mill for 5 years

Oates 8 mill 1 year

Olcyk .5 mill for 2 years

Momesso .5 mill for 2 years

Holik .5 mill for 2 years

Probert .5 mill for 2 years

Malahkov 5 mill for 3 years

Zmolek .5 mill for 3 years

Housely 5 mill for 3 years

Slegr .5 mill for 1 year

Roy 16.3 mill for 5 years

Some bum .5 mill for 1 yr

47.8 million

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