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34 minutes ago, smozoma said:

(I think) It's something to do with those ROM codes embedded in the header of each ROM, which NOSE uses to know how to process the ROM. smozROM would label the ROM as a 28- or 30-team ROM with or without 0-15 ratings and with a particular base weight. But if the ROM is 32-teams, maybe NOSE detects that something is weird and so gives up.

I probably just need to update smozROM to be able to detect 32-team ROMs (it already knows the difference between 28 and 30 team ROMs) and make up new codes for those ROMs.


(when you have time B) )

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Trying to edit a NHL95 ROM in NOSE. Opening the .bin file gives me an error box saying...

"Err.Number: 9

Subscript out of range"


...followed by

"The selected file does not appear to be a valid file format!"


Uh, help?


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Posting this here incase anyone might know.

So, with the help of @UltraMagnus, I have been playing around with NOSE and a ROM of NHL95. Specifically, I have been editing lines for a team. My issue is that the lines I edit do not appear accurately in game - the right players are there, but the centre and left wing are swapped, or one half of a D-pairing is swapped between lines. My PK and PP lines in game are totally different to what NOSE thinks they are. Any ideas?


Edit: no worries, solved the issue. The system I am playing on hid a .bin file as some kind of initial save state, similar to an issue described on here about GENS. Removing that file sorted it.

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