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The 2v2 Exi AIM List


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join the AIM buddy list group for 2on2 exis!

it can be hard to get 4 budz together for 2v2s. it can also be awkward tryin to start a game sometimes. this should simplify things.

basically if you are on this list you agree to be spammed any time you are on aim for 2on2 exis.

--2v2Crew-- (aim/forum) [updated 10/4/12]

JayLighter420 / JayLighter420

philiveyismyhero / Wittgenstein

kingraph / kingraph

minpind / minpind

canadiensfan66 / HABS

donnybrook94 / donnybrook

Kedzie92 / da94wookiee

sebe82 / Sebe_The_Legend

Freydey32 / Freydey

zalex1414 / Zalex

kupuckNHL94 / kupuck19

politelyerased / politelyerased

maverickz161@hotmail.com / mav

mdjnhl94 / MrDiamondJ

TomKabs93 / TomKabs93

Pearate / Dragon

mikeplugsnyder / Snyder

SicariusFulgur / Sicarius

batbl18 / batbl18

jer_33 / hockeyboards@gmail.com

version of aim i recommend: AIM (hosted by filehippo.com)

2on2.org Final.bin

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hey thanks jay was looking for the rom. dont add me to the list though

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Ya add me to the list, 2v2 is in the GA!!!!!

Sicarius Fulgur - Aim

Edited by Sicarius
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Just started playing 2v2 yesterday for the first time, lots of fun. I'll join in for exhibitions if anyone needs an extra player. Also looking for any 2v2 tips and advice I can get - so if anyone has time to help show out your skills, I'd appreciate it.

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Add me to the list.. I've downloaded the bin file but it keeps locking up Gens before I can get a game going.

Haha, yeah, the 2on2.org Final.bin will lock if you try to change the Play Mode from "Regular Season". So just scroll down right away to players. Should be good.

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