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OK 94 buds here's the deal:

This forum was created with the purpose to bring together the NHL 94 community. That means the NHL94 (GENS) and NHL 94 (SNES) community. The truth is that these two games aren't that different. They're both called NHL 94 for a reason, and that reason is that they're the best damn classic NHL game around. I've played with guys who only played Genesis 94 and then tried SNES, and guys going from SNES to trying Genesis. Neither version is perfect, and the purpose of both these sub-forums is to objectively look at them and hopefully learn that we aren't that different.

Since I'm BoKnows (based on Bo Jackson if you didn't catch that) and he was the best modern major two sport athlete ever (he's the only player to play in two sports' all-star games [NFL Pro Bowl and MLB All-Star game]), I hope that I can be the ambassador for two-system athletes!

Hopefully these forums help end the threads of "GENS SUX" and "SNES SUX" by combining them into one place, which I'm able to moderate.


This specific part is dedicated to people coming from the SNES version of NHL 94 looking into the Genese version of 94. There are lots of frustrating things about Genesis 94 that you'll notice right away when going from SNES to Genesis, such as:

  • Horrible music
  • Graphic differences
  • The emulator frustrating the hell out of you by having screen lag, desyncing, and not supporting loading save-states
  • The lack of a button dedicated to controlling the goalie
  • The lack of defense control buttons
  • The weight bug!! (why are the Penguins so awful and people say Jeremy Roenick is a 94 god?)
  • Much looser skating/turning abilities
  • No way to select home/away teams other than re-hosting games
  • (this is a work in progess--check back later ronbarr.gif )

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I'd totally disagree with your better defensive AI argument... I think the D men in SNES tend to look lost out there sometimes, especially off the draw. Can't tell you how often I win a faceoff and the other team's D man on the left side swoops way over to the right side, past the other D man and leaves his side wide open. Also, way too often face-offs in front of your own goalie end up turning into breakaways going the other way. But that's kind of opinion based, and I'm trying to stick more to facts. You do bring up some good points, like the stand up button and roster differences (I.E. Terry Yake and John Beezer)

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snes is very tight game play while gens tends to be more loose and sporadic

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