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New Page: Head-to-Head Matchups


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Just put up a new page on NHL94 Online. You might need to clear your history in order to see it.

If you go to "Stats" on the menu bar, in the drop down menu you will see Head to Head Records.

Choose a coach from each drop down list to view the stats and regular season matchups between the 2 teams. (I will be adding Playoff matchups and stats by the end of the week).

The stats displayed (W-L-T, GF, GA, etc.) are from the first coaches' perspective. For example, the GF is the amount of goals the first coach has scored against the second coach.

The matchups are games that have been played over the history of the site. (Right now, from 2008 on).

Everything before 2008 is a mess right now, and I might be asking for some help sorting it out from you guys soon. I want to wait until this classic season is over, though.

Enjoy. It is interesting to see how dominant some coaches are against others.

I am open to suggestions on what else you guys would like to see on the site.

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I had to look at who I played the most...so far its pondhcky...10-7 against that great bud.

And i have a perfect record against carse.

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Would be nice to pull your name and have your overall record against every opponent you've ever played. Then if you wanted to see more detail, select the opponent.

Very cool regardless, thanks for the update!

I'll try and see what I can do with this. I can probably show every game you played and have you select the coach you want to see more detail against that way. This would be fairly easy to do.

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This is really cool. Can you add playoff matchups? I mean... playoffs are more important than regular season, right?

Yep, I'm working on it. Maybe end of this week.

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