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So I'm new, not planning to be super active in posting on the forum, because I tend to find less than enough time to keep up with all of that. I am looking to get the hang of online games for both the SNES and GENS (better on SNES, grew up on it), and **have a special AIM name (BJTaylorNHL94)** for it, so if I'm online, I'm likely willing to play. I also have some ideas for basic modwork I'd like to do, so when I do post, it'll likely be in regards to that.

Thanks for all the mods and such that people have posted on here and I have already been enjoying. This place is great!

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BJ, let me be the first to welcome you to the NHL 94 community.

It's good to see another SNES player who's interested in playing online. I play online as well but won't be returning to the online circuit full-time until about a week from today. In the meantime, here are a few players/AIM names that you should add to your list if you are looking for games. These guys are very helpful for new online players and will be able to help get you set up to play if you have not done so already. Might I add, they are also simply great guys to chat with and have fun playing against. :)







Also BJ, whenever you see me online, feel free to contact me for games. I'm always up for playing and practicing. My AIM is Oilers442. Hope to see you around soon bud. And once again, welcome to the NHL 94 community!! :)

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