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SPRING 2012 GENS A Playoffs


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1. Carse 54 pts (wins tiebreaker with fpb due to games played)

2. flasox 53 pts

3. FPB 54 pts

4. wookie 48 pts

5. zalex 44 pts

6. kingraph 42 pts

7. kupuck 34 pts

8. beavers 32 pts

(8th) beavers vs (1st) Carse plays winner of

(5th) zalex vs (4th) wookie

(7th) kupuck vs(2nd) flasox plays winner of

(6th) kingraph vs (3rd) FPB

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Great looking matchups.

(8th) beavers vs (1st) Carse plays winner of. Carse in 5

(5th) zalex vs (4th) wookie. Wookie in 6

(7th) kupuck vs(2nd) flasox plays winner of. Flasox in 7

(6th) kingraph vs (3rd) FPB FPB in 7

I think FPB wins the title. Thought Calgary matches up very well with Vancouver.

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Predictions ::

(1) Carse over (8) Beavers - #1 seed too dominant with CAL

(2) Flasox over (7) Kupuck - MON doesn't have firepower to last with BOS

(5) Zalex over (4) Wookie - Experience leads DAL over CHI

(3) FPB over (6) Kingraph - Van will outscore DET in a high scoring series

(1) Carse over (5) Zalex - Cal beats the DAL trap, might go 7

(3) FPB over (2) Flasox - VAN's speed and skill will be too much for BOS

(3) FPB over (1) Carse - This could go either way, anticipate a 7 game series with many OTs, VAN has too much offense for CAL to keep pace

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zalex1414 3:44 pm


da94wookiee 3:44 pm

sure i'll play... just plz confirm first :-)

zalex1414 3:45 pm


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wookiee (CHI) advances past zalex (DAL) in 5 games:

Dallas 2 @ Chicago 1

Dallas 1 @ Chicago 4

Chicago 5 @ Dallas 3

Chicago 5 @ Dallas 4

Dallas 2 @ Chicago 4


I'm shocked. Even with the best team this is still an awesome debut A season. Congrats

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