The 2012 SUMMIT SERIES - 5 Year Anniversary! SIGN UP!


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Doesn't look good that we'll ever get to 100. A-level Canada is down to TomKabs, Plabax (not sure if they are even interested in continuing Summit), Smozoma and Mav. Last game played was over 3 weeks ago.


A HABS :electric_shock:

A Zalex :electric_shock:

A Freydey :electric_shock:

A Tomkabs :victory:

A/B Smozoma :victory:

A/B Plabax :victory:

A/B Mav :victory:

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yeah i'll try to start playing some summit games again for the sake of completion

unless dynasty gets in the way LOL

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Worst Joke of 2013 :horror:

Haha well done Plabax. Dude resurrected the dead dynasty concept that sungod and VC couldnt see to fruition.

Cheers mate we're all appreciative we have another ambitious commish in the community.

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