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Survivor League Season 02 Starts!


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Season 2 begins! All the information you need is below.

First, there is a website to keep everything centralized (thanks again Google!): https://sites.google...survivorleague/

I recommend you bookmark it.

There you can click on your name to log your scores, see standings, available teams, etc. Each person has a unique link that will open up directly to their page. How to log scores is explained in detail at the end of this post.

We have two divisions of 7 this season:

East Division (forum name/aim)

  1. Alonzi41/509260736@facebook.ao
  2. batbl18/batbl18
  3. Bo Knows NHL94/BoKnowsNHL94
  4. dcicon5148/dcicon5148
  5. IceStorm70/IceStormNHL94
  6. KingRaph/KingRaph
  7. RedWingDevil/Iceguy94

East Division (forum name/aim)

  1. da94wookiee/Kedzie92
  2. Dragon/Pearate
  3. Freydey/Freydey32
  4. Houli/Houly8
  5. kupuck19/kupucknhl94
  6. minpind/minpind
  7. Plabax/Plabax

You can download and import the buddy list here if you haven't done so already: Survivor Buddy List

1. I'm using AIM


2. Go to Options --> AIM --> Load Buddy List


3. Load the buddy list you downloaded, but DO NOT check the "Replace my existing Buddy LIst..." box or else it will overwrite your entire buddy list.


You will then have a new Group called "Survivor" with the 14 people in the league.

The ROM can be downloaded here: Survivor_S02.bin

It's important that everyone configure GENS for 6-buttons or else you will desynch immediately. You don't need to actually use a 6-button controller. You can use 3 and map x,y,z to your keyboard.



Notes on ROM updates:

1. Weight Bug:

Weight is the main attribute that determines checking ability and resistance. In the Classic ROM for Genesis, it's BACKWARDS so that lighter guys (Fleury, Gilmour, Roenick) are monster checkers and the larger guys (Lindros, Lemiuex, Bourque) are feathers. Hence the weight "bug". This ROM fixes that nasty bug, so heavy guys are meant to check like they are supposed to! (Thank you smozoma!)

2. Goalie Control "Y" Button Hack

The original ROM only uses 3 buttons and to gain control of the goalie, you have to hold "B" down for a second or so. This ROM now uses a 6-button controller configuration, where the "Y" button will automatically switch to goalie control. No delay! NOTE: It's important to configure your GENS for 6-button controller, even if you are using 3 (map the other buttons to keyboard), or else you will immediately desynch when playing. (Thank you clockwise!)



Standard Classic League rules -- 5 min periods, no line changes, penalties on (except offsides).

Each coach can use up to 1 home and 1 away game with any of the 26 teams to complete their regular season.

Once you use a team, you can no longer use them again for the regular season. This is commonly referred as a "survivor" format.

Tracking of available teams will be done automatically (see below).

Away team chooses their team first, and the home team picks second. Home always has the final choice of their team.


2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie. No points for OT loss.

Standings based on points, followed by GFA - GAA.

DNPs (if necessary) will be treated as 0-0 ties, but no points awarded.


You play everyone in your division 4 times, and everyone in the other division 2 times. That's a total of 38 games.

Checkpoints will be based on the average number of games played each week. If you're significantly below average, you will be warned. Fall too far back and you may be replaced. Deadlines & remaining schedule will be posted at some point during the season.


* 8 teams make the playoffs

- Division winners are the #1 & #2 seed

- Division runner-ups are the #3 and #4 seed

- Next 4 across both divisions make up the #5 - #8 seeds

* Division winners start playoffs with all teams available

- #3 & #4 seeds will have 3 teams unavailable for playoffs

- #5 & #6 seeds will have 5 teams unavailable for playoffs

- #7 & #8 seeds will have 6 teams unavailable for playoffs

* Unavailable teams will be the ones that finish 2,4,6,8,10,&12 at the end of the season team standings:

- #3 & #4 seeds will not have the 2,4,& 6 available

- #5 & #6 seeds will not have 2,4,6,8,&10 available

- #7 & #8 seeds will not have 2,4,6,8,10,&12 available

Best of 7 series


Let's say I played my first game with LA Robbie, I was the home team, and I used DAL and he used VAN. Final score was DAL 3 VAN 8.

Since I was home, I am responsible for inputting the score. First I click the link to get to the document (to be provided when season starts)

"A" I find and click on my coach sheet, KingRaph. You will also see your coach name displayed on the top.

Anything I need to input will be shaded green. I find my game against Robbie and click on my home team selection ( B). Clicking the little arrow will bring up a list of my available home teams to use.

I choose DAL, then click on the cell to input my score of 3. I repeat the process for the away team (Choose VAN, 8).


That's it!!!

You'll notice after you input the scores, the cells are no longer green. The records, stats, and standings will automatically be updated (may take up to 5 minutes to be updated on published website), and the list of available teams will also be updated. You see that I no longer have DAL available as a home team to use ( C )


When Robbie looks at his screen, he will see the away game results and he will no longer have VAN to use as an away team. There is also an "opponent frequency" field which will track what teams your opponents use against you.


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I think the site should be a permanent fixture and linked here on the list.

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And as a side note... the whole Y goalie control thing is awesome. I never could get the hang of the B delay crap. I think all leagues should use it (yeah i'm looking at you Smoz/Blitz :P )

Says the current #1 SNES player...lol

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Says the current #1 SNES player...lol

hehe... I really do think the goalie control is a huge part of it. I love having that button. If I get beat up in survivor here then I'll shut up... but for now LONG LIVE Y CONTROL! (cue the Yeah Yeah Yeahs song - Y Control) (I was going to post the youtube video but wow that music video was terrible and f'd up!)

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