Rating players fighting in NHLPA 93? Overall ratings?

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Hey guys. What's the best way to rate players fighting in NHLPA 93? Does the PS3 version rate players fighting? If so, how do I get the ratings from there? Is it posted online somewhere? Also, if I wanted to do a rom from a past year, lets say, 1979, how would I go about rating players fighting from back then? Is there a system or reference guide that you all use to help with ratings like this?

Also I need advice on how to rate the teams when Ron Barr pops up. "Home ice advantage" etc. whats the best way to go about this? Maybe I could just get rid of all that and go with a simple "overall" rating the way 94 does it, what do you think?

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check my rom for fighting ratings...

most of the time, penatly minutes will tell you about the player

remember in nhlpa 93, its not how tough you are, its how often you will fight...

damn shame we couldnt seperate the 2

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