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NHL 13 Fantasy Draft League Sign-Ups


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NHL 13 Fantasy Draft League Sign-Ups!!

- Lidstrom gets to stay in :D

- You can pick a City + Team Name, a logo,and tell me the jersey colours (Ex. Red Shirt, Green Pants, Black Trim) You don't have to do this if you don't want to.

- You need 6F 4D 2G


Player List (Forum Name/AIM)

1. PlabaxV2/Plabax - Kingston Flash

2. Alonzi41/509260736@facebook.aol - Woodbridge Warriors

3. LA Robbie/gretzkyonacold - Heroes de Puebla

4. PRoBob38/PRoBob38 - Rockwood Bedrockers

5. orangeblack92/orangeblack92 - Drexel Hill Raiders

6. minpind/minpind - Cleveland Steamer

7. dcicon5148/dcicon5148 - Austin Rattlesnakes

8. da94wookiee/kedzie92 - *Still Deciding*

9. Houly8 - Death Valley Reapers

10. Jaylighter420/Jaylighter420 - New Jersey Joints

11. kupuck19/kupucknhl94 - San Francisco Rose Buds

12. Icestorm70/Icestorm NHL94 - Brampton Battalion

13. Wittgenstein/philiveyismyhero - Bill Murray Clone Army

14. Eggink444/Eggink444 - Manhattan Business Jerks

15. batbl18/batbl18 - Connecticut Praying Mantis

16. Sicarius Fulgur/SicariusFulgur - Sith Bloods

17. CamKneely/Vocally Caged - *Still Deciding*

18. kingraph/kingraph - The Mighty Weenies

19. Bo Knows NHL94/BoKnowsNHL94 - Pittsburgh Hangovers

20. PIZZA!/kylepetersavs - Pickering Orbiters

21. RedWingDevil/Iceguy94 - New Orleans Corsairs

22. Dragon/Pearate - *Still Deciding*

23. Carse/sNo Bo arder2311 - Winterfell Whitewalkers

24. TomKabs93/TomKabs93 - Toronto Moon Runners

Registration is now Closed, anyone else will be placed on waitlist

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Yep, we'll go with London Lions unless I can think of something more original in the future. Blue shirt, Red pants & white trim. 2nd Uniform: White shirt, Blue pants, red trim...............unless I can think of something more original in the future. I have an idea for a cool Mexican theme. I'll confirm it later if i'm going to go with it.

& here's my logo, lifted from some marketing company!


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San Francisco Rose Buds

Home Arena: Alcatraz House of Pain

Home: White jerseys, Purple & White trim, Green pants, White Socks with purple and white trim, white helmets

Away: Green jerseys with purple & white, green pants, green socks with purple & white, green helmets

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Woodbridge Warriors , thats my symbol on the left plabax i edited it ill send u this 1

Home Black shirt, Black pants, Red Trim, Black Helmet

Away White Shirt, Red Pants, Gray Trim White helmet

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Count me in! I'll make my team in honor of my last Genesis championship team: http://forum.nhl94.c...__30#entry84060

Pittsburgh Hangovers


Color: Light Brown unis with white helmet (like a beer with foam) (you can copy the team off the rom if that's easier here: http://forum.nhl94.c...ngs/#entry84137 )

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I've quite an idea and a team that's never been used in ice hockey... almost ever.

The New Orleans Corsairs. Team colors are gold, white and purple.

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St. Louis Sith Bloods,Black Jersey Black Pants Red trim

And she is my mascot.


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OK, total change. New team, new look. Felt a bit of a square having a regular team name & logo in amongst all these crazy ones!

We are now the Puebla Indios. Here's the logo:


We're playing in Green shirts, Gold pants with red trim. Red helmets. 2nd strip will be the white shirt with green pants & gold trim..................................Oh, and we play at Estadio Indio

I also like this logo, but I think this is a brewery. Nothing to do with Indio beer, so if I pick this I have to go with a different name. What do we like best?


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Guest Iceguy94-Redux

Logos? Well, I'd rip off the old Buccaneers logo, but it'd look damn silly with that winking pirate.

Well, whadayaknow? It's kinda cliché, but it works.


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