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I’m happy to see the Super Nintendo NHL’94 is in the Hockey Hall of fame. 

I want to get a SN30 black controller and a SupaBoy to play SNES NHL’94! 2 players can play! Does anybody in this ‘94 community have one? How is it?

The SN30 black controller and the SupaBoy Black Gold looks great!








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I bought the portable Super Nintendo SupaBoy BLACK GOLD! 2 player game works great!

Game changer having SNES NHL’94 anywhere you want to go!


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I have an idea for these NHL’94 tournaments and Kingof94 for the future to make things more exciting, lucky and quick.

The Sudden Death tournament!

Let’s say 30 people pay $5 to enter this side NHL’94 tournament.
Hopefully these games are recorded for highlight goals and put on a dvd for the Champion.

You can be any team you want except All-Star teams.

The first to score in the game wins the game moves on to round 2.

Have 5 rounds. 
Player only has to score 5 goals to win $100.
2nd place gets $50.


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Almost 100,000 views!

Some of my favourite video’s.

SNES NHL’94 weird plays and glitches.





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