Does anyone have this controller?

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Look nice. If anyone can recommend them & it's not too much to ship them down here to Mexico i'd definitely consider getting some

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dont buy usb sega style controllers! they break with the abuse thats necessary for 94. iv gone threw 3-4 controllers of that style. they say official sega controlers, but that is misleading cuz sega really didnt make em

get a usb adapter and used sega controller. really get 2 cuz even top quality controllers wear out from 94 eventually

best remake 6 button are these that say "retro-bit" on them (downside= they feel cheap and small):

these original ones are ok, however i completely shredded the d-pad on one after a couple months (downside they feel small and d-pad could wear out/fall off)=:

what i did and recommend, is just to buy the usb adapter, then buy as many used random controllers off ebay as you can till you find one you like, then order a back up! haha.

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Thx for the link but since Ill be playing on my laptop the controller cable length itself is long enough. I noticed that adapter comes with a long extension. Is it possible to buy just a usb-sega adapter tip without the cable? It would be easier to carry in my bag as well

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