Emulation speed and Houly ?

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Ok, here is the situation

I play in many league since 3 years... and when I play with Houly, we have always lag problem with gens...

So we have played the last season some official games with Keka, and that was fine...

He say me himself that he find this emulator very good.

We played this week some exhib. match with the GDL 9 Rom, good games, a lot of goal, personally nothing to say... emulation speed close to the original... no lag.

And then today after some other games, Houly say me that he find that playing with keka is not so fun because he has an handicap, the emulation is to smooth for him, and he can't do "deckes" with Yzerman... same thinks with the goal control and players general speed on Ice, to slow. That's his point of view...

I personally find the emulation speed with keka very close to the original and a good alternative when there is problems with gens...

So the point is that Houly won't play in the future with me with Keka... only with gens whatever there is lag or not...

He has a tones of argument for that : all the players are playing with gens, all the players prefer to play with gens, gens is the official emulator for all of the league... etc etc...

Personally I find that a little strange...

What is your point of view ?

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Houly is banned and yet his whining still make it on the forums, :lol: . Look, I'm assuming that you won those exhibs, which is why Houly started having a fit about Kega vs GENS. My only advice is to avoid conflict and play with the agreed upon emulator, in this case GENS, unless both agree Kega is fine.

I should try Kega myself. I've heard good things about the quality being better than GENS.

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I gotta say me and pear have some lag spikes with gens - we once played games on kega and it was night/day better! After all these years of us playing online I'm a bit surprised we havent been able to find a better genesis emulator for netplay.

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I played a game on KEGA online against someone a few years ago and it was like playing in the same room. Thats how smooth the gameplay was. I really dont understand why KEGA isnt the emulator of choice. Gens is outdated and obsolete. I believe when playing KEGA all you had to do was type in the other guys IP and boom you were good to go.

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I prefer Kega for its quality and smoothness for offline play, never tried it multiplayer. What features is it currently lacking that we are currently use to / utilize in GENS? The ability to netsave?

Video recording

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I don't know if the author ever added it, but you couldn't save with the F5 key during online play, which I disliked and asked to be fixed. You could save using the File menu, but that's lame if you want to catch a funny moment on the fly.

As Carse says, the video scaling is annoying, you have to pick preset sizes, you can't just resize it however you like it.

But the netplay is really nice...

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Oh yeah and as someone said earlier, you couldn't save video of the game. I think it was an option, but when online it didn't work? Maybe that's changed.

In the log it says the Bios has been disabled :(

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