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'13 League Stats Update


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Just a quick note to let you guys know that I AM working on this and should figure out how to publish the data out there in a short while.

I've received 19 games so far. Here's a snapshot of the player stats:


And here are the games I received:


If you don't see your game and would like include your player stats, you can submit your savestates here: https://sites.google...2013savestates/

(pw: 2013)


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would it be possible to publish these off your survivor page stuff?

and thanks for doing this.

Yep -- that's what I'm thinking too. At the very least, some published stat reports will be available and updated at regular intervals (just not automatically). I just gotta squeeze in some time over the next week or so to slap it together.

Offline, my Excel extractor seems to be working surprisingly well and dumping the game/player stats into a database is quick. I want to see how far I can take Google Docs! :P

You're welcome...this is also a fun learning project for me!

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You'll see the stats update on the upload page. I'll also note what games I'm missing when I do the update.

There's an overall player stats page, sorted by Pts/G. Unfortunately it's not sortable.

Then I have a league leaders per game page, which shows top 10 Goals/G, Assists/G, Pts/G, ChkF/G, SOG/G, and +/- leaders.

Then another league leaders page which is the same as per-game, except overall.

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