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Kings Court GENS (Best of 5)


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This is how it works:

The king plays a best of 5 series against the challenger. If the king wins, he stays king, if not then there is a new king.

You may use any team you want (no allstars) but if you win, you must defend using the team you used to win

If you lose a series, you can't rechallenge until the king has played someone else.

You check to see who the current king is by looking in the thread, or by looking at this post

This is how playing goes through :

The king can't play the same person twice in a row.

Penalties On, No Offsides. No Line Changes. Manual Goalie.

King has home ice advantage (2-2-1 Format)

The results of the games in the series must be posted in this thread.

Please don't duck and only aim at players who are easy for you to beat. If the king takes goes too long without a defense, next in line will be king.

All records of kings will be kept here, those who defend 4 In a row get a GA trophy to their resume.

If you are interested put your aim please, it will be updated often :)

Witt will be the first king

Current King is Plabax - Boston Bruins (2 streak)

History of Kings
Wittgenstein - Default
TomKabs - Vancouver Canucks (2 streak)
Houly - Detroit Red Wings (1 streak)
Plabax - Philadelphia Flyers (7 streak)
Uncle Seth - Buffalo Sabres (2 streak)
hokkefan - Vancouver Canucks (1 streak)
kupuck - Toronto Maple Leafs (3 streak)

Uncle Seth - Montreal Canadiens (1 streak)

kingraph - L.A. Kings (6 streak)

Plabax - Boston Bruins (2 streak)

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I'd also add that if the guys that are ahead of you in waiting list aren't around and the king is available,just play,screw waiting for everyone in order

Yup, but you cant challenge twice in a row

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