Kings Court GENS (Best of 5)


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me (van) houly (det)

det 7 van 2

det 0 van 5

van 2 det 3

van 10 det 5

det 6 van 5

houly fking scored with 1 second left to make it 6-5 after being down 5-2...

Ye, 5-2 to 6-5 W ...

Plabax (PHI) vs Houly (DET)






New King

6-4 to 6 -7L, if my memory is good (2012 is old LOL)

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yaa.... give it to seth or raph or someone who's gonna be around?

seth or raph are always online. but giving it to someone who just leaves their aim on green all the time would be a bad idea, because they would get spammed, just because they have aim on their phone, or just because they don't close their tabs.

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Since seano was first to ask, just give it to him and start the challenges again.

I am the king? Ok. Can't play 4 a bit today, but tomorrow I'll be on

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If I'm on green, I'm at the computer or just stepped away to piss or grab a snack. There are many others who are on green but off in Greenland, but I ain't one of em. I take pride in using the color coded availability status.

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Hey Seano.

We can get this going again.

I'll challenge you to some King's Court.

I'm not around till late tonight or Sunday, but I'll find you on AIM when we are & get our series in.

Gonna bring out the Blues.

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Due to inactivity me and Jack&Jose took the liberty start it over, here are the results.

Fitzo ( MTL ) vs Jack&Jose (DET)

Game 1: 6-4 MTL

Game 2: 7-5 MTL

Game 3: 7-5 MTL

All close ones, unexpected hero Schneider made the hat trick to seal the victory in game 3.

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The reign of Fitzo (playing MTL) continues with a five game win over the man, the myth, the Kgman (playing PIT).

MTL - PIT 5-3 Pittsburghs blew a 3-0 lead

MTL - PIT 4-5 Montreals turn blow a 3-0 lead

PIT - MTL 7-3

PIT - MTL 2-5

MTL - PIT 3-2 Gionne scores the 3-2 goal with less than three mins left of 3rd. MTL struggles but manages to survive the ferocious Jagr/Lemiuex combo. GG's!

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