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Great game of 98


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Just been fooling around with my current hack of 98 and had a great game between Boston and Anaheim. I was Anaheim and hung on for a 4-3 win. They outshot me 35-29 and the hits, faceoffs and penalties were pretty close as well. Thorton and Fedoruk had a good fight in the second.

I am playing on All-Star with speed set to low. I am putting all speed and endurance ratings down as I feel 96-98 were too fast. This allows for a greater range for those that still want to bump gameplay to normal or fast. Also I made the goalies a little easier as I found the goalies almost too good in 96-98 (on All-Star anyways) :)

Macks Hacks reopening soon


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Well the picture is greayly reduced in size and quality a bit for web sake.

PNG format is perfect for shots from emulators.

Perfect quality, no dithering/quality degrading like jpeg, and a considerable smaller file size in most cases.

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When I have bought Sega Megadrive NHL ' 98 there was one of the first games in whom I played constantly during several years. Further on decrease, has taken from friend NHL ' 97. Has liked less, speeds below, fights practically are not present. Before purchase Genessis, I played at the school friend in nhlpa ' 91, ' 92. From hockey there was certainly a little but what it was meat!

Now has joined to '93-94 versions. It is really improbable. However for me NHL ' 98 personifies oldschool hockey from EA. I wish good luck to the Mack in hacking of this game, and I wait for results )

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