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Hay Geniuses,

Rookie here. Eare won't open my rom for editing. When I go to open is says this:

There was an inconsistency with the number of selectable teams in playoff games. The number has been set to 1. Please select the number of teams you desire on the 'selectable teams' window and click apply.

So then as I open Eare it crashes before I get a chance to do what I gotta do.

Any ideas of how about to get around this problem??

I've been using TM and Nose so far without issues.

Thanks everybody


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hmm, can you post the ROM? I wrote EARE.. unfortunately, I can't actually fix EARE because the computer with all the stuff set up for developing it died (thankfully the code is all safe). But I'll see if I can spot the problem in the ROM.

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