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Is there any way I can use the updated rosters for this? If so, how?

The same way that for the classic install, or DosBox Install...

The auto install has created a Hockey folder in :

C:\Users\"your name"\AppData\Roaming\Abandonware-France\NHL Hockey 95\C\HOCKEY

(where "your name" is the name of your personal Windows 7 session)

Just follow the same instructions in the Roster readme file...

Commonly you must create first a "File".dbx

Here is a hold discussion with me and Snyder :

snapback.pngDragon, on 10 October 2012 - 07:36 AM, said:


In the NHL95_Forever.zip there are some cool new rosters. To install it, the readme say that a .dbx file must be created...

Question: how create a .dbx file ???

When you launch the game and you get to the menu screen, go to the first tab at the top ( File I believe). A list should pop up, and you want to go to 'Central Registry'. Once there you have to create a temporary database (DBX file). You this by going to the same tab as you would to save the rosters to the game, but instead of going to 'Save to game', there should be an option to make a temporary database ( 'Temporary Save' or something like that). A screen should pop up that allows you to name the database. Once you've saved it, exit 'Central Registry' and go to where you've stored NHL95 on your PC. Once there you want to go to the 'Hockey' directory inside your NHL 95 folder. You should see the temporary database ( it will have the name you typed into at the temporary save screen). Once you've found it you must extract the edited files from their original files ( the ones they came from when you downloaded them). Click copy and then paste them in your temporary database (it will ask you if you want to overwrite the files already in the database; do so). Once you've done this, go back to 'Central Registry', load up your temporary database, and if done correctly, the updated rosters should appear. Save to game and have fun with them! :)

And you can find all you need here : http://forum.nhl94.c...nhl-95-forever/

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  • 3 years later...

I really hope someone can help me. I can no longer find the original NHL 95 files posted in the main thread on this game, and the installation instructions are no longer valid because of this. All I get from abandonware sites is an ISO file, so I tried the link above and successfully installed NHL 95. The installer then asked me to run the program, and I it loaded in DosBox.

However, even though I calibrated the joystick in the game, the joystick would not work at all during gameplay. DosBox correctly identifies the controller and says it's a 4-axis controller. But the joystick only works on the game menus. During gameplay, the controlled player cannot be moved or take any action under any circumstance.

It is also not clear how I am supposed to subsequently run the game. Dragging the game onto DosBox doesn't work, and I have no idea how to mount or run the game from DoxBox or from the directory where Abandonware-france installed it.

Could someone explain how I'm supposed to run the game and how to get the game or DosBox to use my Logitech 4-axis controller and actually control the players?

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I checked the link, it works perfectly, and it's the auto install, not the iso...

For the joystick I don't know, have you check the option in the game ?

For the version from abandonware, it's not installed into your own dosbox, its totally independent, the files are stored here in 7 :

C:\Users\"your name"\AppData\Roaming\Abandonware-France\NHL Hockey 95\C\HOCKEY
(where "your name" is the name of your personal Windows 7 session)

When you install the game, you normally find a shortcut from the game on your desktop...

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I did not choose to install an icon on the desktop. Apparently this means there is no way to launch the game. So it's a problem with Abandonware-France and its installer. There are no shortcuts or ways to launch the game from the install location. I reinstalled and added the desktop icon and that works.

I also found a controller setting that was still using the keyboard even though I had followed the prompts when I started the game and calibrated my joystick.

The big problem, though, is that I seem to be unable to change lines in the game, even during the stoppage when the line choices are highlighted and cycled. The game does not respond to any button press at all when the line choices are cycling. So I am stuck perpetually with the first line on the ice. I'll try to find instructions for the game, but it's frustrating that the controls are so screwy. Maybe it's still a problem with the joystick or calibration.

Also, DosBox only loads in a small window. There is no option to increase the window size in Windows.

And the NHL 95 gameplay for PC seems way slower than NHL 94 for GENS on an emulator. Is this a problem with some kind of setting in DosBox, or was the game truly slow and sluggish?

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Pearate is right and you can also change lines from keyboard if that is option to you. Home team lines from F1-F4 and visitor team lines from F5-F8. F9-F10 takes goalies to bench. I think there is also possibility to change dosbox window size without entering to full screen mode, maybe dosbox wiki and forum could help on that one.

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Thanks for the help. The keyboard keys for line changes and the tip for full-screen mode in DosBox were a major help. Once I saw the tip about line changes, I remembered that this is how it worked with late iterations of the NHL game on PC ... at least through the late 1990s.

I really wish there was a way to speed up gameplay, though. It's really slow, so the game doesn't really play as much like the Genesis version as I expected. One-timers and opportunities for those kinds of shots seem to be much more rare, although I've only played a couple of test games thus far.

Do people find that the computer AI is any more challenging than the Genesis version? Usually it becomes easy to dominate these games in a hurry.

Do season simulations hold up for edited files and draft leagues? I was trying to edit NHL 95 for Genesis and swap players between teams, but this was somehow corrupting some aspect of the game that the NOSE editor can't access. So the simulation results were getting screwed up with some players barely compiling any statistics. Hopefully this PC version can be edited freely without those problems. I've downloaded a bunch of editors and tools that were posted on this forum.

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Previous season stats would not cause Sergei Fedorov to score fewer than 10 goals and 10 assists in an entire season. He is one of the players whose stats were very low in several attempts to simulate a season. And the player he was copied over was a top player for the other team. So something is going wrong when players are copied and pasted over other players in NOSE. Data is being corrupted somewhere, or the NHL 95 GENS game is getting confused by the changes.

As an alternative, I have switched to the PC version of NHL 95. It has better editing tools and a draft utility that allowed me to quickly create a draft league. The gameplay is slower and I would rather play the GENS version, but I guess it is the only option other than using NHL 94 for GENS.

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