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screwing around in 93 with a hex editor...


the yellow is the penalty min time, and i think the green is the animation used by the referee... roughing, fighting, instigator all have the same animation so i assume thats the animation info...

anyone know anymore else?

or where i can find the actual penalty code?

also on a side note...

see the similarities from 93 and 92?

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I guess that would be how I changed the secondary roughing into a five-minute major in '94.

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I didn't add characters, as that would involve moving other stuff and reassigning pointers, I think. I'm not good at all of that stuff. I think I called it "injuring" or "roughing." "violence" would work, too.

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right. you'd need to use the same number of characters. my replacements worked for replacing "roughing." you'd need a sixteen-character replacement.

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