NHLPA '93 Team Attributes (Of, Df, PP, PK, Home, Away)

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I have been digging around to try to find these to make a fair teamed ROM for the potential GDL '93.

Finally, with some copying and pasting, and Smozoma's keen eye for hex code, they were easily found in an excel spreadsheet.


I believe it was 77 who had success in another post finding the team ratings that show on the Ron Barr screen. These actual team attributes are located in three bytes before those team ratings (with one random byte in between) and look to be in the same format as in NHL '94 (for anyone who has toyed with this in EARE).

For example:

Team-ODPKHA ?? TeamRatings

ASE - 702000 D6 99999099

ASW- 702000 C7 99999099

BOS- 331121 E6 67666756

Offense - 7 is strong, 0 is weak

Defense - 0 is strong, 7 is weak

PP - 2 is strong, 0 is weak

PK - 0 is strong, 2 is weak

Home - 2 is strong, 0 is weak

Away - 0 is strong, 2 is weak

After doing some looking around in the 30 Team ROM, the only difference is that the first team (Anaheim) is listed in a different location (the hex address is where the team info is in NOSE).

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....that alludes me....
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I found what seems to be a screw up in this.

If you play the Rangers vs Senators. It shows the senators with a 4-0 PP Advantage.

It should be the other way around if I read this right and higher is better.

NYR 2 strong PP 0 strong PK

OTT 0 weak PP 2 weak PK

It holds true for any match up.

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