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Fall 2012 Playoff Matchups Up on the Site

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This season's playoff matchups are up on the site.

Fall 2012 Matchups

You can access it from the menu bar on the site as well. Make sure "Classic '94-2012 Fall" is selected from the League Dropdown Menu.

GENS-C1 and GENS-C2 playoff matchups are under GENS-C.

GENS-C1 and GENS-C2 champions will play against each other to determine the GENS-C champion.

Round 1 deadline will be next Sunday, Dec 2nd. We will be sticking to 1 week deadlines for each round. Once we reach the end of the month, there might be extensions for the later rounds due to the holidays.

Please make an attempt to contact your opponent. Use the Schedule a Game forum and post a new topic, use PM, AIM, and email. You can get your opponent's email by clicking on their team name in the playoff matchup (which links to their team page). Email will be in the User Settings area on the right side of the screen. I would prefer that everyone email their opponent, as this yields the best results. If you cannot get their email, contact me ( I will get it for you.

If I see an attempt to contact the opponent made, and no response from the other coach, you will be awarded a win by FF.

In series where neither coach made an attempt to contact each other, it will be CPU vs. CPU to decide the outcome. Don't rely on the CPU to win the series for you. I've held on on doing this the past few seasons, but if it is necessary to move the playoffs along in the early rounds, it will be done.

If there is an issue that causes the games not to be played by Sunday (i.e. one coach is on vacation till next week, school testing is this week, broke a playing finger, broken controller, etc.) exceptions will be made. You must contact either halifax, kingraph, or me via PM or email (My email is in my signature).

Logging games is the same as it was during the regular season. Games 5-7 will open up for logging if necessary. Log the outcomes of the games in order, please. If the score needs to be corrected, the away team can correct it before confirming it (just like the regular season). If the game is confirmed by both players before the error is noticed, please notify halifax, kingraph, or me to adjust the score. This will need to be done before logging any other games in for that series.

Good luck!!

For those teams who have already played series and posted the results, the admins will log the games in for you.

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