Fall'12 Classic 1st Round Playoff Deadline Update

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Just to remind you:

Round 1 deadline will be next Sunday, Dec 2nd. We will be sticking to 1 week deadlines for each round.

Please make an attempt to contact your opponent. Use the Schedule a Game forum and post a new topic, use PM, AIM, and email. You can get your opponent's email by clicking on their team name in the playoff matchup (which links to their team page). Email will be in the User Settings area on the right side of the screen. I would prefer that everyone email their opponent, as this yields the best results. If you cannot get their email, contact me (chaos@nhl94.com). I will get it for you.

If I see an attempt to contact the opponent made, and no response from the other coach, you will be awarded a win by FF.

In series where neither coach made an attempt to contact each other, it will be CPU vs. CPU to decide the outcome. Don't rely on the CPU to win the series for you. I've held on on doing this the past few seasons, but if it is necessary to move the playoffs along in the early rounds, it will be done.

Series still yet to be played:


* BoKnows vs XdeathsbloodX. Any update fellas?

* Flasox vs TomKabs. TomKabs is frequently available. From what I understand, this was delayed from last Sunday to Monday to Tuesday and then no word from Flasox since? What's up here?


All series played. Ready for Round 2!


* Don vs Batbl: Don has made attempts via e-mail and PM, no response from Batbl?

* Begley15 vs JayLighter420: Any update fellas?


All series played. Ready for Round 2!


JoeBaker vs tylerdeanhill


All series played. Ready for Round 2!

Thank you all for getting your series in this week! It keeps the excitement and momentum going! If you haven't played your series, please let us know what's going on.

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I'm away for work until Friday, so I won't be able to get the second round schedule up until then. I don't want to set the 2nd round deadline until the schedule is up, but those who have advanced to the second round, feel free to play the games and post the results.

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2nd Round GENS Matchups...you can play now and log them in the forums.


Carse/VAN vs winner of BoKnows/WPG vs XdbX/CHI

KingRaph/MTL vs TomKabs/NYR


TomKabs/VAN vs Eggink/BUF

Plabax/DAL vs Sicarius Fulgur/MTL (already completed, ggs!)


Witt/LA vs MinpinD/EDM

Don/DET vs Pearate/PIT

MrDerp/WIN vs JayLighter/DET

Wheelsoffire/TOR vs Snyder/BOS

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