NHL '94 wins greatest sports game of all time!

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That was a very good list. I agree with almost all the victories in the bracket, unfortunately the 3 best all ended up on one side of the bracket. It's unfortunate RBI had to get knocked off by the champ in the 2nd round.

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I am extremely pleased that this game nhl'94 is so highly rated! Me and the family, Evan and his brothers and friends and cousin have worshipped the game for years, so we love hockey and love to emulate and furthermore its the basis of video game fun for us. I remember buying the 1st copy of nhl '94 at Christmas time that year and the contageous fun it has brought us since!!!! COOL Ain't it!!??

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When it first came out, Mutant League Hockey was fun.. but that kind of died out for me.

It's one of those games that is fun to throw on every once in a while. I'll have to try Mutant League Football one of these days.


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i'm glad that this was posted already. i found out about this contest when it was midway through the first round and i became very invested in it. i'm sure that nhl '94 would have won no matter what, but i did everything i could to help out.

i too am glad that its official and nhl '94 has taken its rightful place atop the sports game throne!

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