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I used to watch The Challenge, so I decided to incorporate NHL '94 with it

How It Works

There are different teams, for this example I will be using 4 teams (Team A-D). Each team has 6 players.

The Objective

The objective is to be the last team standing. Avoid being eliminated.

Game Overview

There are tasks assigned throughout the game, each task will be followed by an Elimination GA, which will result in one person from a team being eliminated.

Each player must complete tasks individually, the team with the best results from the task the best is In The Ga, and the team that does it the worst goes to Ron Barr's Death Pit

- The team that is In The Ga is safe from Ron Barr's Death Pit and has the privilege of voting another team to go in to the Death Pit.

- The two teams in the Death Pit must choose 1 player from their team to go and perform an Elimination GA

- An Elimination GA consists of 1 player from each team that was voted in. The loser is eliminated from the Challenge.

An Example:

TASK -- Using a Classic '94 rom, play each opponent once. You have 10 days to play them and each game not played results in a loss of 2 points.



TEAM B -- 62 PTS

TEAM C -- 28 PTS


- Team A votes Team B to go to the Death Pit

TEAM B and TEAM D must choose 1 of their players to play the Elimination GA.

- Team B selects Jer

- Team D selects TomKabs

ELIMINATION GA -- Play a game against your opponent with the rom provided (1 Minute Periods Rom)

- Jer wins 1-0 so Team D is now down to 3 players instead of 4.

Once your team hits 0 you lose!

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So each team has 4 users? It's going to be pretty tough to get 8 people to be available at the same time.

You don't have to be available at the same time, you just have to find everyone to play your games within 10 days

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