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Note: The teams aren't finished on the rom. Whatever. Don't have the desire to finish it. Just felt like sharing before it gets lost.

All teams are juiced. The logos and unis just need changed. If anyone comes along and wants to finish it, please do.

More screenshots:



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Hoping I can find someone interested in completing this rom. The rosters need changed to generic sci-fi named teams and players, each team with preferably different player types. For the intro, it needs the 94 song changed to some cool Blade Runner or sci-fi-esque music (not sure if that's even possible?) The puck could be bigger and other little things with colors could be cleaned up. Overall, I think it could be a really cool rom if it was entirely completed.

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Don't know if the player types are possible. I hear that music might be possible. [but really really hard to execute] Otherwise this is something I was already interested in taking a stab at although I didn't really want to make a competing version.

On the note of artistic vision, I did make a TRON hockey game from the older PAL EA Hockey [1991] ROM. Curious about how much influence this could have on perhaps a TRON 2.0 sequel in the '94 engine.


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