NHL 2013 season betting game

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DEADLINE: Saturday, January 19th, 3:00 PM EST (right before the first games start)

I came across betting odds for this season at http://ca.sports.yah...56337--nhl.html

I figured.. why not make a game out of it? We'll bet fake money on the odds.

So I made this document:


The document has a clearer layout and all odds are converted to the US +/- style, a +only style, and a probability style.

Download it, open it in MS Word (or the free AbiWord editor), enter your bets, and email it to me at (my forum username) @hotmail.com!

Once all the bets are in and the season has started, I'll upload all the bets to a google document so you can see who bet on what. Until then, bets are private, unless you want to tell people who you bet on below.

At the end of the season, I'll tally up the results, and we'll see who was the best prognosticator.

There are 5 different betting sections, and you're supposed to bet up to $30 total in each section, so up to $150 over all. It's not real money, just bragging rights.

I kept the dollar amounts low so it's easier for me to enter the data.

Whole-dollar bets only, no cents! No bets like $1.50.

Feel free to discuss the odds and your bets below


Atlantic Division - Odds to win

New York Rangers +190

Pittsburgh Penguins +210

Philadelphia Flyers +250

New Jersey Devils +600

New York Islanders +1600

Northeast Division - Odds to win

Boston Bruins +130

Buffalo Sabres +300

Montreal Canadiens +500

Ottawa Senators +550

Toronto Maple Leafs +550

Southeast Division - Odds to win

Florida Panthers +450

Washington Capitals +225

Tampa Bay Lightning +300

Winnipeg Jets +900

Carolina Hurricanes +220

Central Division - Odds to win

St. Louis Blues +225

Nashville Predators +550

Detroit Red Wings +300

Chicago Blackhawks +150

Columbus Blue Jackets +2000

Northwest Division - Odds to win

Vancouver Canucks EVEN

Calgary Flames +1200

Colorado Avalanche +1200

Minnesota Wild +300

Edmonton Oilers +300

Pacific Division - Odds to win

Phoenix Coyotes +800

San Jose Sharks +275

Los Angeles Kings -125

Dallas Stars +800

Anaheim Ducks +800


Who will win the Hart Memorial Trophy as the NHL’s Most Valuable Player?

Sidney Crosby (PIT) 4/1

Steven Stamkos (TB) 6/1

Alex Ovechkin (WAS) 13/2

Claude Giroux (PHI) 13/2

Evgeni Malkin (PIT) 13/2

Henrik Sedin (VAN) 19/2

Brad Richards (NYR) 20/1

Jonathan Toews (CHI) 20/1

Eric Staal (CAR) 30/1

Phil Kessel (TOR) 30/1

Any Defenseman 30/1

Any Goaltender 5/1

Any Other Forward 11/5

Who will win the Maurice "Rocket" Richard Trophy Trophy as the NHL’s Top Goal Scorer?

Steven Stamkos (TB) 11/4

Alexander Ovechkin (WAS) 4/1

Sidney Crosby (PIT) 4/1

Evgeni Malkin (PIT) 5/1

Daniel Sedin (VAN) 13/2

Rick Nash (NYR) 10/1

Ilya Kovalchuk (NJ) 14/1

Corey Perry (ANA) 18/1

Phil Kessel (TOR) 18/1

Jonathan Toews (CHI) 25/1

Jarome Iginla (CAL) 30/1

John Tavares (NYI) 30/1

Taylor Hall (EDM) 30/1

James Neal (PIT) 35/1

Patrick Marleau (SJ) 35/1

Jeff Carter (LA) 40/1

Patrick Sharp (CHI) 40/1

Field (Any Other Player) 25/1

Who will win the James Norris Trophy as the NHL’s best defenseman?

Erik Karlsson (OTT) 4/1

Zdeno Chara (BOS) 9/2

Shea Weber (NAS) 13/2

Kris Letang (PIT) 7/1

Alex Pietrangelo (STL) 10/1

Ryan Suter (MIN) 10/1

Brian Campbell (FLA) 12/1

Dan Boyle (SJ) 12/1

Alexander Edler (VAN) 15/1

Dustin Byfuglien (WPG) 15/1

Dion Phaneuf (TOR) 20/1

P.K. Subban (MTL) 20/1

Keith Yandle (PHO) 22/1

Michael Del Zotto (NYR) 25/1

Tobias Enstrom (WPG) 25/1

Jack Johnson (CBJ) 30/1

Mark Giordano (CGY) 35/1

Mark Streit (NYI) 35/1

Field (Any Other Player) 9/1

Who will win the Vezina Trophy for being the NHL’s top Goaltender?

Henrik Lundqvist (NYR) 4/1

Jonathan Quick (LA) 5/1

Pekka Rinne (NAS) 7/1

Ryan Miller (BUF) 8/1

Jimmy Howard (DET) 9/1

Cory Schneider (VAN) 12/1

Jaroslav Halak (STL) 12/1

Tuukka Rask (BOS) 12/1

Mike Smith (PHO) 15/1

Marc-Andre Fleury (PIT) 16/1

Martin Brodeur (NJ) 16/1

Cam Ward (CAR) 18/1

Carey Price (MON) 18/1

Roberto Luongo (VAN) 18/1

Niklas Backstrom (MIN) 20/1

Braden Holtby (WAS) 25/1

Kari Lehtonen (DAL) 35/1

Craig Anderson (OTT) 40/1

Ondrej Pavelec (WPG) 40/1

Semyon Varlamov (COL) 40/1

Devan Dubnyk (EDM) 50/1

Field (Any Other Player) 33/1

Who will win the Art Ross Trophy as the NHL’s points leader?

Sidney Crosby (PIT) 11/4

Evgeni Malkin (PIT) 5/1

Steven Stamkos (TB) 5/1

Alex Ovechkin (WAS) 6/1

Daniel Sedin (VAN) 8/1

Nicklas Backstrom (WAS) 14/1

Claude Giroux (PHI) 18/1

Henrik Sedin (VAN) 18/1

John Tavares (NYI) 18/1

Brad Richards (NYR) 20/1

Rick Nash (NYR) 28/1

Jonathan Toews (CHI) 30/1

Phil Kessel (TOR) 30/1

Martin St. Louis (TB) 35/1

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (EDM) 35/1

Corey Perry (ANA) 40/1

Henrik Zetterberg (DET) 40/1

Ilya Kovalchuk (NJ) 40/1

Jason Spezza (OTT) 40/1

Pavel Datsyuk (DET) 40/1

Eric Staal (CAR) 45/1

Joe Thornton (SJ) 45/1

Zach Parise (MIN) 45/1

Ryan Getzlaf (ANA) 50/1

James Neal (PIT) 55/1

Mikko Koivu (MIN) 55/1

Jordan Eberle (EDM) 85/1

Patrick Sharp (CHI) 85/1

Anze Kopitar (LA) 100/1

Jarome Iginla (CAL) 100/1

Field (Any Other Player) 25/1


Now, here are the over/under points props for every team, along with odds on them making (or missing) the playoffs. (These are all based on the official schedule coming in at 48 games.)

You're supposed to make at least 10 bets on over/under and 10 bets on make/miss playoffs

Anaheim Ducks Regular Season Points: 53½

Anaheim Ducks to make the playoffs? Yes -140 No +110

Boston Bruins Regular Season Points: 57½

Boston Bruins to make the playoffs? Yes -900 No +550

Buffalo Sabres Regular Season Points: 54½

Buffalo Sabres to make the playoffs? Yes -165 No +135

Calgary Flames Regular Season Points: 50½

Calgary Flames to make the playoffs? Yes +425 No -625

Carolina Hurricanes Regular Season Points: 53½

Carolina Hurricanes to make the playoffs? Yes -215 No +175

Chicago Blackhawks Regular Season Points: 57½

Chicago Blackhawks to make the playoffs? Yes -800 No +500

Colorado Avalanche Regular Season Points: 52½

Colorado Avalanche to make the playoffs? Yes +400 No -600

Columbus Blue Jackets Regular Season Points: 47½

Columbus Blue Jackets to make the playoffs? Yes +475 No -700

Dallas Stars Regular Season Points: 52½

Dallas Stars to make the playoffs? Yes +350 No -500

Detroit Red Wings Regular Season Points: 56½

Detroit Red Wings to make the playoffs? Yes -290 No +230

Edmonton Oilers Regular Season Points: 53½

Edmonton Oilers to make the playoffs? Yes -125 No -105

Florida Panthers Regular Season Points: 52½

Florida Panthers to make the playoffs? Yes +300 No -400

Los Angeles Kings Regular Season Points: 58½

Los Angeles Kings to make the playoffs? Yes -900 No +550

Minnesota Wild Regular Season Points: 54½

Minnesota Wild to make the playoffs? Yes -265 No +205

Montreal Canadiens Regular Season Points: 53½

Montreal Canadiens to make the playoffs? Yes +200 No -260

Nashville Predators Regular Season Points: 53½

Nashville Predators to make the playoffs? Yes -165 No +135

New Jersey Devils Regular Season Points: 53½

New Jersey Devils to make the playoffs? Yes -135 No +105

New York Islanders Regular Season Points: 49½

New York Islanders to make the playoffs? Yes +475 No -700

New York Rangers Regular Season Points: 60½

New York Rangers to make the playoffs? Yes -900 No +550

Ottawa Senators Regular Season Points: 52½

Ottawa Senators to make the playoffs? Yes +350 No -500

Philadelphia Flyers Regular Season Points: 57½

Philadelphia Flyers Regular to make the playoffs? Yes -800 No +500

Phoenix Coyotes Regular Season Points: 50½

Phoenix Coyotes to make the playoffs? Yes +275 No -350

Pittsburgh Penguins Regular Season Points: 61½

Pittsburgh Penguins to make the playoffs? Yes -1000 No +600

San Jose Sharks Regular Season Points: 54½

San Jose Sharks to make the playoffs? Yes -165 No +135

St. Louis Blues Regular Season Points: 57½

St. Louis Blues to make the playoffs? Yes -800 No +500

Tampa Bay Lightning Regular Season Points: 53½

Tampa Bay Lightning to make the playoffs? Yes -145 No +115

Toronto Maple Leafs Regular Season Points: 53½

Toronto Maple Leafs to make the playoffs? Yes +200 No -260

Vancouver Canucks Regular Season Points: 58½

Vancouver Canucks to make the playoffs? Yes -1200 No +650

Washington Capitals Regular Season Points: 54½

Washington Capitals to make the playoffs? Yes -800 No +500

Winnipeg Jets Regular Season Points: 50½

Winnipeg Jets to make the playoffs? Yes +475 No -700


Stanley Cup:

Pittsburgh Penguins 8/1

New York Rangers 17/2

Vancouver Canucks 9/1

Los Angeles Kings 12/1

Philadelphia Flyers 12/1

Chicago Blackhawks 14/1

Boston Bruins 16/1

Detroit Red Wings 16/1

St. Louis Blues 16/1

Minnesota Wild 18/1

San Jose Sharks 20/1

Carolina Hurricanes 22/1

Washington Capitals 22/1

Buffalo Sabres 25/1

Edmonton Oilers 25/1

Nashville Predators 28/1

Tampa Bay Lightning 28/1

Montreal Canadiens 30/1

New Jersey Devils 30/1

Toronto Maple Leafs 30/1

Anaheim Ducks 40/1

Colorado Avalanche 40/1

Dallas Stars 40/1

Florida Panthers 40/1

Ottawa Senators 40/1

Phoenix Coyotes 40/1

Calgary Flames 50/1

Winnipeg Jets 50/1

New York Islanders 66/1

Columbus Blue Jackets 100/1

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Public service announcement:

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Don't bet with money you need! I don't know what you need a bird for, though.

(and this is not real betting, so nothing to worry about)

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Make sure you bet on at least 10 teams in section 3, and 10 teams in section 4. (points over/under, make/miss playoffs)

DEADLINE: Saturday, January 19th, 3:00 PM EST (right before the first games start)

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you got my list bud....it was easy to submit...thanks smoz! hope i win the million.

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