Help: Removing Shootouts, and other outrageous Ideas

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Hey, I was wondering if anyone has attempted to hack the menu? My thought is, would it be possible to either replace a mode (ie. Make Shootouts be regular games with different rules) or add a new mode.

I've started digging into the code and it looks like this should be possible, but I'm not quite sure how yet.

My thoughts would be replace Shootout with (or add) a first to five version of NHL 94.

Even if we can only figure out how to replace Regular Season with First to Five I think this would be worthwhile, but I would love some help. If anyone can find any of the above information, or has ideas on where to start please post here. I will try and keep any information discovered in the first post here to be used as future reference.

Things we would need:

1: To understand what triggers the menu changes when you switch to Shootout Mode.

2: Find the RAM addresses for home and away goals.

3: Find the Offset that triggers game over.

4: Add an equation to trigger game over when either home or away goals = 5.

What we do Know:

In Game:

1: How to have infinite length periods.


1: Offset that resets period # to 0 (which is first period) before each game starts ($ 77C0). Tracing back from this we should be able to find what offset triggers the values when a regular game is selected, and from there modify its actions creating a new ruleset.

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2: Find the RAM addresses for home and away goals.

goals are in the stats extracting thread:


These are save file offsets. To convert to RAM address, subtract 0x2478

Home Goals 0000EB52 (2 bytes)

Away Goals 0000EEB6 (2 bytes)

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Nice, missed that thread. Thanks Smoz, that'll be a big help. I'm just finishing up some graphics on my current project and then I'll see what I can dig up.

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