Dynasty "Preseason"

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Just to make sure everything is ready , I need some states tested on the website :


Usernames and passwords are the same. The rom being used is the Preseason Rom I posted in November. I just need confirmation from Voc and Peerat so we can get this thing going! Sorry for the delay sort of, but for some things I need the coach's name and I don't want to put the final rom out and then one of the coaches decides not to play. Sorry!

Vocally Caged - Needs to test connection.

Pearate - ?? Went on vacation but said he would be back by now!

NOTE: I know there are some things missing, like some pictures for the standings, etc. but I don't have access to the pictures until tomorrow afternoon, also I will be modifying some of the stats for players and such.

Hopefully we hear from Pearate and Vocally Caged so we can start tomorrow!

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