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1. Anaheim Mighty Ducks - Carse

2. Atlanta Thrashers - TomKabs93

3. Boston Bruins - minpind

4. Buffalo Sabres - swos

5. Calgary Flames - flasox24

6. California Golden Seals - MrDerp4321

7. Chicago Blackhawks - dcicon5148

8. Colorado Rockies - kupuck19

9. Montreal Canadiens - HABS

10. Edmonton Oilers - Hokkeefan

11. Hartford Whalers - BoKnowsNHL94

12. Los Angeles Kings - Plabax

13. Minnesota North Stars - houly

14. New Jersey Devils - JayLighter420

15. New York Americans - Wittgenstein

16. New York Rangers - kingraph

17. St. Louis Blues - IceStorm70

18. Pittsburgh Penguins - Vocally Caged

19. Quebec Nordiques - Freydey32

20. San Jose Sharks - eggink444

21. Tampa Bay Lightning - da94wookiee

22. Toronto Maple Leafs - jer_33

23. Vancouver Canucks - Zalex

24. Winnipeg Jets - kgman

Colors represent the following:

GREEN - Team you want, confirmed.

ORANGE - Team you have now, might change.

RED - Team you have now, but not confirmed/coach not confirmed returning.

Please let me know if there are any changes to this (Past/Present NHL Teams only).

Also, if you want to change your logo/uniforms, please let me know ASAP. That way I can make sure the draft site/GDL Site/ROM is accurate with what you want.


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if im in and zalex wants canucks i will take edmonton please n thank you

what do u mean 'if' you're in? cmon man decide, i want back in :)

im in but wasnt sure if i was put in yet,u will get in to,somebody will be too busy

Sorry about that guys, right now the only slot open is Snyder's... he has been MIA for 2 weeks.

The only other option would be further expansion and i think that might be a stretch.

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Lol ya ya I'm 3 hours from landing back in North America so it would've been much less then before. I'll miss it but def for the better.

Btw I think my deal with houly was the first in NHL 94 made while in India!

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