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Id like to swap my 1st and 2nd pick with someone under me in the draft, message me for tradons!!!!!!!!!! :D: D

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KingRaph 11:52 am
so 1.20, 3.20, & 4.18 for 1.16, 3.16, & 5.16?....1,3,4 for 1,3,5?

Freydey32 11:53 am

KingRaph 11:53 am
ok...I want Russ

Freydey32 11:53 am
cool good deal

KingRaph 11:53 am
I'll post

Freydey32 11:53 am
i confirm here
copy paste ga
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We're going to remove the 3rd round swap from the above trade. There was some last minute confusion.

Freydey32 12:08 pm
so can we just do what u said earlier
1 5 for 1 4
my mistake..

KingRaph 12:08 pm
yeah, that's fine too

So the trade is 1.20 & 4.18 for 1.16 & 5.16

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sNo Bo arder3211 (4:37:01 PM): recc for 2.2 + 3rd rd

Plabax (5:07:42 PM): it depends

Plabax (5:08:05 PM): recchi and brdley is good

Plabax (5:08:11 PM): but you have no 2nd rnder and 3rd rnder right?

Plabax (5:08:32 PM): i have 2 3rd rnders

Plabax (5:13:00 PM): yo i may do this

sNo Bo arder3211 (5:28:28 PM): yah

sNo Bo arder3211 (5:29:08 PM): im 2.2 3.23

Plabax (5:29:12 PM): 3.21

Plabax (5:29:15 PM): actually

sNo Bo arder3211 (5:29:19 PM): o ya ur rite

sNo Bo arder3211 (5:29:24 PM): 3.21

Plabax (5:29:29 PM): lets tradon

sNo Bo arder3211 (5:29:32 PM): conf'd

sNo Bo arder3211 (5:29:33 PM): u can post
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plabax 10:42 pm
Ir cipy pasta
Im feeling likr fokke

BoKnowsNHL94 10:42 pm

plabax 10:42 pm
Ok 3.7 and 3.21 for your 2.6 and 5.19

BoKnowsNHL94 10:43 pm
KHAN firm

plabax 10:43 pm
We can be start :)
Post it

BoKnowsNHL94 10:43 pm

plabax 10:43 pm
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NYR (kingraph trade picks 2.10 and 3.20 to PIT (Vocally Caged) for picks 2.17 and 3.08

KingRaph 11:09 pm
2.10 & 3.20 for 2.17 & 3.08?

Vocally Caged 11:10 pm

Vocally Caged 11:11 pm

KingRaph 11:12 pm
cool, I'll copy/paste now
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Pittsburgh trades its second round pick (10), 3rd round pick, 5th round pick, 7th round pick, 9th round pick and 11th round pick to Edmonton for Don Sweeney, Edmonton's 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th round picks.

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Plabax 3:50 pm

can i just cpy and paste the chat

5.19 and 6.18 for your 5.8 and 7.23


hokkee fan 3:50 pm

okay comfirmed

Hokkee traded away 7.23 to VC to get 7.08. Think about this again

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so i dropped my pick of sweeney from 1.23 to 66 at 2.10 but i move up every odd rd by 15 picks

VC traded me his 3rd round (we swapped 2nd and 3rd), so in the 3rd, you only move up 3 spots to 3.20.

I suggest for all future trades, you list the actual pick number so we can verify. Lot of trades happening and Donch is unable to update during the day while he's at work.

I'm keeping track.

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Calm all your hurt butts down. I dont have a pick til 5.21. everyone's rosters will catch up once u all make 3 more picks while i sit there pickless in Seattle. unless someone wants to deal, bc carseefan2 is here to wheel and deal

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