GDL X Draft - Round 4

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Please make sure that you post your picks here, or send someone a list.

Remember you need: 2 Goalies, 6 Forwards, 4 Defensemen

Full Draft Schedule

Available Players

Current Rosters (includes Trades)

Same deal as always, you can make your picks ahead of the scheduled time, as long as everyone has picked in front of you.

If you miss your pick, you will be given the highest rated player left at the end of the round. However, you are able to jump in and make a selection at any time after your pick is skipped.

4 1 kupuck (trade with IceStorm) - Doug Wilson
4 2 Wittgenstein (trade with hokkefan) - Paul Coffey
4 3 TomKabs93 - Pat Verbeek
4 4 houly (trade with Carse) - J.J. Daigneault
4 5 kingraph - Chris Terreri
4 6 BoKnows - Al MacInnis
4 7 Zalex - Matt Schneider
4 8 swos (trade with kgman) - Valeri Kamensky
4 9 Freydey32 - Patrice Brisebois
4 10 flasox - Sean Burke
4 11 kgman (trade with swos) - Cam Russell
4 12 HABS - Pierre Turgeon
4 13 houly - John Blue
4 14 dcicon5148 - Kirk Muller
4 15 kupuck19 - Kirk McLean
4 16 da94wookiee - Mike Richter
4 17 Vocally Caged - Alexei Zhamnov
4 18 Freydey32 (trade with kingraph) - John Vanbiesbrouck
4 19 Carse (trade with minpind) - Glen Wesley
4 20 eggink444 - Esa Tikannen
4 21 MrDerp4321 - Ulf Samuelsson
4 22 hokkeefan (trade with Wittgenstein) - Teppo Numminen
4 23 jer_33 - Steve Duchesne
4 24 JayLighter420 - Alexei Gusarov

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ok guys - just wanted to re-do my pick. i was told by Raph that i had to wait until the end of the round to do so:

MrDerp4321: dude I'm sorry - scratch that... can i get ulf instead?

King Raph: I already posted Wesley

King Raph: Sorry about that... you can probably switch at end of round. So 11 tonight after witt jer and jay make their picks

so.... I'd like to pick ulf sammuelsson instead of glen wesley. so wesley goes back to the free agent pool.

California Golden Seals select Ulf Sammuelson

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wttff u guys r nuts skipping rats on saturday nights O_o

vanbriresbrouk in quebec

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