GDL X Draft - Round 10

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Please make sure that you post your picks here, or send someone a list.

Remember you need: 2 Goalies, 6 Forwards, 4 Defensemen

Full Draft Schedule

Available Players

Current Rosters (includes Trades)

Same deal as always, you can make your picks ahead of the scheduled time, as long as everyone has picked in front of you.

If you miss your pick, you will be given the highest rated player left at the end of the round. However, you are able to jump in and make a selection at any time after your pick is skipped.

10 1 IceStorm70 Dimitri Mironov
10 2 hokkeefan Alexei Kasatonov
10 3 TomKabs93 Wayne Presley
10 4 Carse Geoff Smith
10 5 kingraph Donald Audette
10 6 BoKnowsNHL94 Peter Stastny
10 7 Zalex Ulf Dahlen
10 8 kgman Rick Tocchet
10 9 Houly (trade with Freydey32) Chris Kontos
10 10 flasox24 Robert Petrovicky
10 11 swos Perry Berezan
10 12 HABS Murray Craven
10 13 houly Guy Carbonneau
10 14 dcicon5148 Richard Smehlik
10 15 kupuck19 Robert Kron
10 16 da94wookiee Brian Noonan
10 17 Vocally Caged Vladimir Malakhov
10 18 Plabax Marty McSorley
10 19 hokkeefan (trade from Wittgenstein) Gerald Diduck
10 20 eggink444 John MacLean
10 21 mindpind (trade from MrDerp) Dave Volek
10 22 Wittgenstein 2/27/2013 Bob Sweeney
10 23 jer_33 Jay More
10 24 JayLighter420 Greg Adams

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tom kurvers d

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A little early:

Toronto Maple Leafs select:: Kevin Dahl

California Golden Seals already gots them some Dahl in the last round

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BoKnows receives Peter Stastny

Zalex receives Ulf Dahlen

kgman receives Rich Tocchet

Freydey receives Chris Kontos

da94wookiee picks Brian Noonan

Vocally Caged received Vladimir Malakov

Plabax receives Marty McSorely

Wittgenstein recieves Bob Sweeney

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