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Guys, I see that no one has played a game in the league for over a month now.

Just wanna say, Dadonch put so much time into this for us, for a league he has no involvement in and the guys that signed up owe it to him to follow through on their commitment. Really isn't fair to sign up to a league, let a guy do so much prep work & then not play.

Please, out of respect for Dadonch if nothing else, can the following guys please start playing & get this league going:


I know I haven't been playing either due to work & time commitments forcing me to drop 94 for a while, but if I see the games getting played I will get my games in somehow.

Please guys, we need guys like Dadonch to keep taking the community to new levels, but if people dont play the games guys like him are going to question if it's worth it.

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How about every other league. GDL 93?, WBF Classic?

It is super frustrating. Seems that drafting and creating leagues is more popular than playing.

I would love to find any league where you could actually play games.

I think I am next on the wait list for GDL X, but when I look at past seasons of that it is the same tons of replacements and guys with DNP's.

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