FMS League is looking for players!

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The Forum Member Sim League (FMS League) is looking for players!

The Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers and Toronto Maple Leafs are looking to draft members from the NHL94 forum to participate in a simulated league.

Each team will consist of 6 forum members and compete in a four week long season. Games will be simmed by me in cpu vs cpu demo games. Team and forum member stats will be tracked and posted. The top four teams will compete in a postseason for the Stanley Cup.

Participation is very easy. Simply reply in this thread that you would like to join the league. In your reply, please list in order the most desired position you’re interested in to the least desired. Available positions are Center, Winger, Defenseman and Goalie.

Each team will draft forum members and assign them to positions. Forum members will then take on attributes of the top available players from the EA NHL 94 league roster.

Do you and five other of your fellow forum members have what it takes to win the Stanley Cup?

Sign up today!

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I will back stop the team out of the playoffs....lets do this!

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jer_33 - winger, goalie

Would like to be a Leaf if possible.

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Ok this is what I have down for the rosters so far with people who have signed up:


C - Kiba

LW - Wittgenstein

RW - TomKabs93

LD -

RD - marchawg

G - orangeblack92


C - kingraph

LW - PlaybaxV2

RW - saintsfan2500

LD -

RD -

G - Carse


C - c4outlaws

LW - minpind

RW - jer_33

LD -

RD -

G - halifax

If anyone that hasnt signed up is interested in filling any of the position openings on these three teams, reply in this thread. To those that signed up, meet your fellow team mates and league rivals.

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