All trades cancelled in gdl from last deadline and 1 more 24 hr deadline and hokkee only allowed 1 more?

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its a thought since there was the 1 un equal trade cause of sweeney although it was hard to even give him away cause everyone thinks hes s**t but frey,kg and carse.I admit i got a bit carried away again ,wasnt that bad tho,but if you guys want to do this idea its fine with me,but then we should go back 2 more trades before deadline cause i kinda stacked kingraph and frey n ice wanted that trade caNCElled or we could go back to the mogilny trade swos hated or we can just say screw it.I know one thing for sure,i will be cut bACK to 2 trades lol or try a no trade for once but why kill allll the fun for a couple lame ass bitches.

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Trade deadline remains in effect until 10pm this evening. We'll need to discuss limit on your trading next season.

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i'd say keep all the trades. if you have hoks in a league you have to expect hok-like behavior. the only reason to rescind trades is if the league becomes unfair to play... and i don't think anyone has become ultra powerful thanks to trading with hok.

BUT. maybe for next season you impose a rule that 1st rounders can only be traded for first rounders, and 2nd rounders only traded for 2nd or 1st rounders... anything beyond that is fair play? that way each and every team has at least two quality players no matter what.

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