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On the list of classic (16-bit and earlier) games for which online leagues have formed, I would say that NHL '94 occupies the #2 slot on the list of most played. #1 would be Tecmo Super Bowl, which was played online in leagues since at least 2001, and probably earlier. I believe league play in NHL '94 started in 2005, although it's possible that the Fins started even earlier.

Anyway, I'm not posting to pit the two games against each other. I'm wondering what the full list of classic games that have had online leagues/tournaments is. For purposes of this thread, I'm only counting competitions between players playing each other directly and simultaneously, so high score tournaments don't count (there have been tons of these for MAME games.) I'm aware of the following:

Tecmo Super Bowl

NHL '94

Baseball Stars (I or II or both, not sure)

Sensible World of Soccer

RBI Baseball

Super Mario Bros. 3 (2-player versus mode, I swear it happened)

I think there's been at least one Madden league, too.

What other games have people played like this?

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We have had online leagues in of course (NHL94), NHL, NHLPA93, Madden, Madden92, and Bill Walsh. Many of the leagues are on updated Madden/Bill Walsh roms (like NHL94), not just the vanilla editions. The vanilla/original editions of Madden/NHL/Bill Walsh had sit down leagues in the 90's when they came out, and then the leagues moved online when netplay became an option.

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I've been toying around with bringing back an Earl Weaver Baseball league I used to play w/ friends on manage mode on actual Amigas, but my lack of any programming skills isn't helping. You can play Amiga games on an emulator via P2P Hamachi, but I'm clueless when it comes to extracting stats - and figuring out how to run a league that requires everyone to have the updated stats disk in their directory.

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Was I thinking of Bad News Baseball instead of Baseball Stars? Maybe they've both had leagues.

So it appears we can add NHL '92, NHLPA '93, Bill Walsh, Madden '91 (which I suppose was just called John Madden Football), and Madden '92.

I guess I'd forgotten about snesot.com. I found it once a while back, but yeah, they're definitely running this sort of thing over there. Let's see....

SMB3 (already on the list)

Super Tennis

Super Mario Kart

NHL '94


Tetris Attack

Yoshi's Cookie

Super Bomberman

Super Street Fighter II

Kirby's Dream Course


And a few more.

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