KOHL1 got new champion!

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My team was Los Angeles Kings. Ask away! What do you want to know?

Do you record every game so the GMs can watch?

How long does your season last to sim the 124 games?

What is the plan for the next season in terms of the nhl players? I see they all have salaries. Do the GMs get to keep their players into next season or does everyone redraft from scratch? Will you introduce new nhl players into next seasons draft?

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I record every game, but I also stream games as live by Ustream. GMs gather to irc for commenting during a game. Irc is also place where I announce when the next game begins. I save game to Ustream, if somebody wants to watch that game afterwards. Also I capture game by dosbox to my computer. Sometimes Ustream have technical difficulties for streaming and saving, so this way I can reload that game to Ustream or distribute it to GMs other way.

I would say it took 3 weeks from me to simulate 124 games. One game simulation and streaming takes about 30 minutes. That pace was very intense and it does not happen so fast in every season. There is always possibility to simulate games running them faster in dosbox, because dosbox capturing still records game in right way. I don't want to do that, because in our league GM's really want to watch those games as live.

In this particular league KOHL1, we start each season by "fantasydraft". It is not actually a draft, maybe more like an auction. GMs don't keep last season players, everything starts from a scratch. All GMs have same amount of cash, like 3 Million. Players have default salaries, depending how high their overall of attributes are. All GMs make their offers to players at same time, without knowing what other GMs are offering and to whom. Biggest offer takes the player. In tie, player moves to another offer round. We continue offers until all teams have certain number of players, last season we had 16 forwards, 9 defencemen and 3 goalies. There is no new players in this league, we "draft" always from NHL95PC original rosters.

Although I have simming league in mind, where players attributes are changing for each season, GMs would have 1-3 years contracts with players, next season money amount differs from how high you placed in league, new players will come to league by draft, old ones will retire and there is possibility to save money for next season. So, there would be continuity for building a dynasty ;) But so far these are just plans :)

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KOHL 4 starts during this weekend. If you have interest to join, send email to kibamail@gmail.com and I send you further info if you will get "license" to our league ;)

Please be sure that you have enough time and effort to this during next 3-4 weeks before you apply.

Last season stats: http://koti.kapsi.fi/~kiba/php/KOHL3/standings.php

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I've been very impressed by kiba's league. It's essentially an exercise in proper team building and coaching, as the GM/coach has no direct impact on the games. UStream is really incredible, and could probably be used to broadcast and record games for any league.

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