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Hi Everyone,

Here's an updated 2016-2017 roster after the trade deadline.
If anyone has any rosters out there that are not within the 1993-2000 time period I have seen throughout these forums that they would share, I would greatly appreciate it. 



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On 3/30/2018 at 11:45 AM, nikethebike said:



Do you know if there are any known problems of importing goalie stats?

I am using NHL Hockey (94) so that might be why I am having problems. It still shows old goalie stats in game...

Another problem I have for some reason is that position 0 of the Bruins (Ray Bourque originally) is nowhere to be seen after importing. He is replaced with a goalie from Washington. Also Position 1 of the Bruins gets 0 goals scored after importing statistics. This is for "NHL Hockey" though I need to add once again.

Anyone seen anything like this before?

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it's probably not interesting to any one, but jersey number can be 0-99. I tried double 00, but it takes it as single 0. And even commentator knows how to say it :D

if i remember right, in nhl 93 one goalkeeper has 0 in all stars team, I think Joseph.

thanks for editor

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if you are like me bored from easy reg season and play off wins, here is the DB with every team with players and goalies sets on highest ratting (15) except for Ottawa - all zeros.

So it will be more challenging :D




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