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Future 2013 Spring Classic B Division Champion


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Carse - VAN +350: Carse returns from back to back championships (5 out of the last 6!) with the same team he had last Classic and a previous title. Always the odds favorite, however, the only person to have knocked out Carse from classic in recent history, Freydey, is back this season for a shot.

flasox24 - CHI +400: The last time flasox had CHI he won, in Fall'11, taking out Frey's LA team in 6. While he may not receive many high-fives for taking CHI, there is no doubt that flasox should be one of the favorites this season.

Freydey32 - WPG +425: Frey hasn't played Classic since Fall'11 (the most stacked A league in quite a while/ever), taking LA to the finals and losing to flasox and CHI in 6 games. In the meantime, he's won back to back Blitz & Survivor titles! He returns to Classic with WPG, and I predict will do more damage with Housley/Selanne than with Gretz & Co.

Icestorm NHL94 - BOS +500: Another vet (and former champ - Fall'09 w/ DAL) who hasn't played since Fall'11 comes back to try and win the title with BOS. While I have him 4th in my odds to win, there would be no surprise to see Ice in the finals.

Plabax - DET +850: Plabax has catapulted himself into one of the better players in GENS and will have the relentless firepower and depth of DET this year to compete for the cup. DET is a powerhouse, and Plabax is capable of beating anyone on a given day He will be dangerous throughout the season.

kingraph - LA +1000: In the last two classics, kingraph has lost in the conference finals with DET and MTL. LA isn't as strong of a team, so kingraph will have a much bigger challenge ahead of him this season if he wants to hoist the cup.

BoKnowsNHL94 - QUE +1650: Coming off a strong GDL performance and a conference final appearance last season, Bo has proven he can play at a high level. He hasn't had much classic success, so we'll see if he can take Sakic (his GDL X #1 pick) and company far. Could be a sleeper.

da94wookiee - CAL +2000: Wookie didn’t have a great Fall'12 classic, missing the playoffs and finishing with a .258 win %. I think this season's coaches will be even tougher than last season. While Wookie has the skills to make it into the playoffs, it will be a very tough battle to get there.

Vocally Caged - BUF +2800: VC has missed the playoffs in the last two classic seasons, slowly fading away from the '94 scene. However, he has shown that he can turn it up and play extremely well with Buffalo. Yet another dark horse here, depending if VC wants it bad enough.

eggink444 - DAL +4000: The current Blitz B champion moves up to A this classic, with DAL. Which two offensive starts were on that winning Blitz team? Modano and Russ! Eggink should be familiar enough with them to win some games this season. Playoffs is definitely a possibility, and anyone sleeping on this team may be in for a surprise!

xdeathsbloodx - PHI +4000: Unfortunately xdbx drew a weaker team this classic in PHI. While he has proven he can do damage in the B league with PHI, going far into the playoffs with them, it will be unlikely that he can replicate that success in the A league this season.

hokkeefan2 - MTL +5000: hokkeefan has not made Classic playoffs in 2 years, always finishing below .500 in the regular season. However, he returns with MTL this season, re-motivated and ready for a playoff run.

With two weeks left in the season, here are some observations from my original odds. Those not mentioned I'd keep the same.

Trending down...

Carse: with his lack of games and inconsistency is not looking as strong and dominant as prior seasons. However, he's known to ramp it up for the playoffs (if he makes it)

BoKnowsNHL94 - 4-13, way behind in checkpoints. Something not right in the air in Pittsburgh.

flasox - :electric_shock: ded

da94wookiee :electric_shock: life attack

Trending up...

Plabax: After starting out 0-7, Plabax has gone 28-4! Final game against CAL, which he should be a heavy favorite, he should finish 29-4 in his last 33 games. NOBODY wants to play this dude right now.

Freydey - Freydey trending up? With Carse not as strong and Flasox out, I would put him on top right now. He'll finish with the highest win% in the regular season.

hokkeefan - playing very well these days and will make the playoffs for sure! Definitely not on the bottom!

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I've been last in rankings for awhile now but I deserve that because over the past few years I've played 90%of my games pissed drunk or super hungover,I still do now occasionally but trying to just play sober now,still trying to figure out how to hook breathalyzer to PC :)

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